Delivery Roof Signs

I’ve seen a few of those lightup signs you put on the top of your delivery vehicles on-line but wanted to know:

  1. Which style is the best to go with (Domino’s style, where it’s turned wide so you can see the logo comming and going… or Pizza Hut style, where it’s longways so you can see the logo from the side of the car)?

  2. How safe are these going over 55mph (we use the highway sometimes)?

  3. Where is the best place to get them?

Thanks all for the help!

I use HTH signs. I keep one on my truck all the time and I do 70 mph on the interstate with no problems.


P.S. They’re called “cartoppers” or “car top signs”

I have also driven 85+ with my cartopper on . . . magnetic feet. I used for mine, but HTH is also a reputable company.

I have mine across the car, door to door, as it seems to give my neighborhood people time to see and recognize. We have very little stop and go traffic to make the longwise orientation useful.

I got mine from Autosox. Very happy with the price and quality, not so happy with the turnaround time. Took 2 weeks to get the proof, and that was only because I called to ask where it was. Another 2 weeks+ for production, and another week for shipping.

They recommend not going over 55. But that thing isn’t going anywhere. I got my finger stuck underneath it and had a hell of a time getting it out.

Plus side is that after i griped about the art time, they didn’t charge me for it. ($60)

I’d order from them again.

I was in Autosox’s shop a couple weeks back on a trip to Spokane…They were backed up several weeks and have been for months…RCS…

Tim at HTH sighns did a great job for me. I use the ones that mount to the car door window, and leave it on my carr all the time.

Nick writes:

I have also driven 85+ with my cartopper on . . . magnetic feet.

Nick… Nick… Nick… tisk tisk. 85+? Were you also bump drafting as you were turning left?


I just caught a tailwind going downhill, and it snuck up on me. Honest, officer. Actually, I was intentionally testing the sign to see if it would rattle or vibreate at higher and higher speeds. I stopped right around 87.5 and eased back. I was getting to my home town and didn’t want to explain to the police chief why I was testing these rare earth magnets . . . .

Nothing gets attention like a moving, lighted sign. I love mine. I have the Autosox Cabbie II’s. I found a vender named signlites or something like that at the Vegas Pizza Show this year who makes a retro-fit light kit that I love. It is a lithium-ion battery pack that powers LED lights so there is no cord for your driver to ignore or break. Now my signs actually light up at night! What a concept!

Do any of you use the Anti-Thieft cable to go along with it? :shock:

No, but I operate in a rather pristine community. I’m not worried about theft. (except for the one that was stolen)

I got 5 from cassel/autosox…cabbie XL placed across from door to door…very happy with mine and have had no problemos

Anyone got the goods on this? I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to get a battety operated setup since one of my drivers has a broken lighter socket, and mine has a radom short in it.

I think the guy had an ad in the back of the last issue of Pizza Today. I can’t find my copy right now. Look on the page with the signs themselves.

Tim from HTH will start selling these as an option with his signs. I think it’ll add about $50 or so.

Hello integ., I have 6 cabbies and love them,heres the down side, check your local laws to see if your allowed to light them.Many cities do not allow you to light these signs.If so use bright colors.

                     [just a tip]   Niccademo

thanks goomba… there are 3 other places that have the same type of signs on their delivery cars, so i’m sure it’s alright.

as long as it’s not flashing, or blue… or purple… or nice looking :x

We have these in all of our signs, in all of our stores. Works perfectly. I wish I had thought of it…