Delivery Times

What do you consider as acceptable delivery times? Do you strive for 25-35? 40-45?

We shoot for 30 min or under. On Friday and Saturday night rush it typically gets to around 40 min, but we still shoot for 30.

How big is your delivery area?

Pretty big. About a 5 mile radius.

Ours is about the same size

We strive for 30. Quote 45 to 60. Average at the door time is 37 minutes

Do you ever run into situations where the driver arrives and they aren’t there waiting for the order?

It does happen from time to time. Not enough to worry about. I used to put a lot of energy into quoting a more accurate delivery time but I have found the customer preferred getting the order delivered quicker than the quoted time. We have days when we quote 3 hours and people are surprisingly fine with it. [emoji2]

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we normally quote 45min although Fridays night typically quote up to 90min (sometimes even 120). When we really get slammed we don’t answer phones. We have a special message with PizzaCloud that we enable that tells people we are experiencing longer than normal wait times and we are only taking online orders and they are not able to change or cancel their order after is has been placed. Online times are typically 90-120minutes during these instances. We do not do it often but it does help when we are slammed. Cannot wait for the day we do not have to answer phones anymore!

We quote what is realistic but when quote times get longer, we try to set the window wider.

I the idea of the call being dropped after not answering it after say 180 seconds with pizza cloud and say we’re only accepting online orders at the moment. I think that’s a smart move!

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We normally quote 1/2 hr to 45 min. On busy night we say 45 min to an hour. In bad weather (I’m in Buffalo, NY) we say “we’ll have it there as soon as we can”.

How many drivers do you have on at one time?