Delivery times

I have a pizza shop in a relatively small town but I deliver to 5 surronding cities. If my promise time is 45 min is that too long? Also what would be the ideal out the door time?


This is what I do:

I try to structure my delivery area so that my furthest run is 8 minutes from the store. Of course, each delivery area is a little different and you might have some spots that are a little further. You’ve got to make a decision on whether or not it’s worth it to pick those areas up. In my case, I’ve got a row of barracks that are 14 minutes away from the store but those barracks make up about 25% of my total business so, of course I’ll make that sacrifice.

Avg. out the door times will differ based on your call volume and number of drivers you keep on staff. Drivers are scheduled to average 3 runs per hour at my store. Most stores, however, can have drivers comfortably average 4 deliveries per hour. If you stay within ideal scheduling standards on an average shift and have pizzas consistently out the oven in 12-15 minutes, there should be no reason your drivers can’t average 30 minute deliveries the majority of the time. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

i’m in the same boat i deliver up to 8 miles away we meet the customers at a church if they live out farther

we tell them anywhere from 30min to 1 1/2 hrs but we don’t load them until right b4 they go out the door that way they get a fresh pizza no matter how long it takes to get to them

Fat boy-
Wouldn’t it be worth it to just charge a little more and take it to their house?I live on an Island,so it’s the same anywhere.When I used to deliver as a kid,You git anywhere from .25 to 1.00 for each del. + minimum wage and tips.
Obviously the customer would expect to pay more,But I know if I had to leave the house I would eithr just go get it or go to one that would bring it to my door.

Fat boy-
Wouldn’t it be worth it to just charge a little more and take it to their house?

I’ll go ahead and answer that one for FatBoy:

Once you start getting further that 8 miles from the store you start to become operationally inefficient. You’ll find yourself having to staff another driver just to cover for the one who’s driving out to the sticks. Yes, as an owner, you’d LOVE to deliver to everyone. In some cases, when it’s too far out, it’s just not feasible. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

hit it right on th button we usually run just 1driver each night

thanks dennis

Hey Tony,
My operation is a lot like Fat Boys. One town we deliver to is 8 miles away, with about 2500 people and NO COMPETITION. We deliver in city limits of that town, but if someone calls who lives further out, we will call them on our way out the door and meet them at the grocery store. Sometimes they have to wait an hour or more, but they’re so thrilled that we cater to them that they are happy to pay the $5 delivery charge, (best tippers too). Local deliveries are $2.
Tom R

I live in a small town (10850) and it takes about 6 minutes to drive to town limits in any direction but we still tell people 30-45 minutes. With the volume of business we do and because we also have eat in I need to give myself extra time to serve those dine in customers as soon as they order. If we get slammed we will quote up to an hour, and most people are fine with that.

We work on 30 - 45 minutes on light trading nights with the exception of our furtherest suburbs which are 45 - 60 minutes.

On busy nights we then move to 45 minutes to maybe and hour depending on volume of deliveries and where they are situated and 60 -90 minutes for the far out areas.

Just recently we dropped a number of outer lying areas from delivery because they took drivers away for up to 40 minutes which made the closer suburbs where the bulk of our business is wait over an hour on busy nights.

Although we quote the times above we are more often than not 5 -10 minutes inside of this which makes the customers happy. They then tend to give the drivers a good tip ( “work hard and be kind to your mother” :smiley: ). The drivers are now getting about $20 - $30 per busy night on tips (which is really unusal for Australia), but I guess the customers rewad the drivers for getting there earlier than anticipated.

I guess the better you arrange you delivery areas and keeping them to a closer radius of the shop then the faster the time you will do them in.

We took the hard choice of dropping some areas and our sales haven’t been affected as we are finding the closer customers are ordering more often because they get their deliveries faster and hotter than before.


We always say 45 minutes to an hour. We average 30 to 45 minutes but sometimes need the extra time when we are busy or the deliveries are in all different directions. We average 45 deliveries a day – double that on Friday.