I plan to add pizza to my restaurant for delivery only. I have a military base very close by and a lake community that has many weekenders.

I would like to know the general policy for delivery. Do the delivery people drive their own cars and provide their own insurance or am I required to have insurance for them?

Thank you for any help you can give to me.

Bob Mark

This is really a business decision for you. I personally have them use their car, and provide their incurance. Many of us maintain liability insurance to cover dmages and exposure due to delivery drivers out in the streets, etc.

You really need to decide if you have a company vehicle that employees use, or employee owned cars. It will be based on hojw you plan to structure delivery compensation and you insurance.

You can find lots and lots of discussion on this sort of thing using the SEARCH at the top of the page . . . . much useful info to be found as far back as 2004 even. I am not puting you off, just making sure you get lots of info in case some people are away or not responding right away.