so I was approached by a guy that has started his own side business, he has offered to door hang, and tke menus around at the rate of $20.00 per 100 and a minimum of 500…
now I get my drivers most of the time to do a little of the door hanging but was considering this and was wondering if any one had luck with using a service and if this is a profitable rate.

20 cents each seems STEEP.

Too much…Find a school club or sports team…Pay them in pizza credits…

The U.S. Postal Service will deliver them to homes for 13.75 cents each, and you can be assured they will make it to every home you dictate. I think 20 cents is way too much.

I would NEVER use a service like this.

Use your drivers and managers to do doorhanging and business visits.

how is it 13.75 each?
stamps run about 41 cents…
and postcards rte is .27

I misspoke - it’s actually 13.7 cents currently. That’s the rate for saturation mail, i.e. sending to an entire carrier route (usually about 500 homes) at once.

The 41 cents and 27 cents is for first class mail; something you don’t need for advertising.

If you want more information about it I’ll be happy to post more details.

how is it 13.75 each?
stamps run about 41 cents…
and postcards rte is .27

I’d like more information… When we did postcards, the post office failed to mention any other rates than the 41 cents and the bulk rates.

yes please post

I’m working the restaurant tonight and starting to get into my dinner rush; but I’ll post a little tutorial when I get home tonight.

Hmmm… business idea. Offer it at 20 cents and send them through USPS. Keep the difference! :lol:

By the way, I believe he is talking about bulk presorted mailings.

If you mail 1,000 flyers using Standard Mail to everyone in your ZIP Code by adding a barcode, sorting them by carrier route, and depositing them at the Post Office designated by your business mail entry unit, you might pay as little as $0.137 per piece, or $137.

you have to buy a bulk mailing stamp it costs 180.00 one time fee then its a 180.00 a year and it is 13.7 cents

It does get more complicated than just that. I do saturation mail in my rural routes regularly. I drive 3/4 mile, hand them (sorted by route) to the postmaster who hands them to the carriers . . . and I pay the mandated rate of 17.9 cents per each. If I drive 80 miles into metro atlanta to the Entry Unit (who then trucks them down to Grantville), I get the 13.7 cent rate. You will find the bulk rate information you want on rate on Form 3602 R1 and Part H thereof. To wit:

none saturation $0.177
none high density $0.186
none basic $0.226
DBMC saturation $0.144
DBMC high density $0.153
DBMC basic $0.193
DSCF saturation $0.135
DSCF high density $0.144
DSCF basic $0.184

DBMC= Destination Bulk Mail Center DSCF= Destination Sectional Center Facility to locate your DSCF by 1st three of zip code

There are addressing and sorting rules for City Routes that make a little more complicated than the rural routes. I can just put “Postal Customer” and my permit info, and be done. There are other options, but this is some basics of Bulk Mailing.

Ok, I’ve posted up more information than you probably wanted here:

Nick, my post office honors the 13.7 cent DSCF rate when bringing the cards directly to them. They’ve admitted that the form became whacked when they eliminated the DDU from it. I even talked to the higher-ups within Standard Mail here and they’ve all confirmed that the 13.7 cent rate should be given when dropping to the desination office. Nobody knows why the form is the way it is. Even my mail house confirmed that they always received the 13.7 rate if they’re dropping at the destination. I think you should ask your postmaster about it.

I may pursue it further with our next mailing, but the whole Sarbanes-Oxley Act has Federal agencies atwitter with accountability and with hunting and all. I will probably call an Atlanta Regional Office to confirm pricing and get something in writing about it. Our local postmaster is a good man,and will go out on a limb for me, but the Sarbanes Act has him less confident about accounting and potential irregularities that aren’t black letter.

Wow we have it simple here in Canada. I just look up my mail routes that I want my menu sent to and fill out some simple paper work and they send them out at 12.7 cents each. Out here we call it unaddresed admail. My local post office will even let me pick which subdivisions I want to do but I think that might be because we are in a small town because most people I talk to in other areas have to do a whole carrier route. I do about 1000 a week so each house gets my menu every 5 weeks