Has anyone every demoted an employee and if so are you allowed to reduce pay as well that came along with the promotion status??

May as well just fire them at that point

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Just having a hard time right now trying to figure out what I should do. I found that my #1 golden girl, nite shift crew leader downloaded an app from my new camera I bought, to view my board and buy list before leaving the house in the mornings. She logged in and changed setting and deleted footage UGH… I never really set any log on passwords for it I was only using like I said to view my buy list… Possibly thinking of suspending for 2 weeks, I just really am at a loss on what consiquence I should impliment

IDK what you mean by “board and buy list”. Regardless, I’d sweep it under the rug if she’s that good. Change your password so she can’t log in and hopefully your money stays right.

How do you know she deleted footage? It’s possible it was set only to record motion as well

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Meaning I have a white board that we write down things that are running low on “buy list”… I know she deleted footage because I pulled the SD card out and took home and put into laptop and 3 days of footage was gone. We have been having issues with her talking smack about me and my son in front of other employees, was told this by an employee she was doing this, so apparently she was trying to cover her tracks by logging into the app and deleted footage

Is it legal to record audio in your state? If not you’re into an entirely different issue. Sounds like your golden girl isn’t too golden and you really only have one option. Sounds like a kitchen cancer

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if you ask me a demotion will only make things worse…time to kick her to the curb

I agree with the post above. Terminate employment. No reason given. Just suck it up on the unemployment if she files.

It is legal to have cameras video & audio as long as it is posted and employees are aware and as long as it is not in the bathrooms.

I was never using the audio anyway, I found out about her talking smack by an employee who has integrity

After a sleepless night I have made the decision to fire her

You didn’t make the decision to fire her. She made the decision for you

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