I’ve left the retail side of this crazy business now, I’m working for a local, small distributor.

A couple of accounts are getting pretty doggone gripey about dented cans. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the contents, and the cans can easily be opened still. But, because they’re not perfectly round and beautiful, they’re sent back.

I beg you, as someone who rarely refused a dent to begin with, don’t be that picky. What’s going to happen? Well, the warehouse will get all these dented cans piled up, no one will take them, and they’ll be tossed out. Then, the end cost is going to rise, by necessity. And you (the restaurant) will be bitchin’ about prices rising.

That’s MY beef for the day!

It is against health department regulation in our county to have dented cans. Doesn’t matter if they are punctured or not.

It is not a matter of being picky it is a matter of health code.

Why not try and stop your end from denting the cans???

You need to look at the problem and find a solution to that problem which equals $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Im sorry but your pizza is a little dark but its not burnt there really isnt anything wrong with it and it should taste fine. Dont be to picky about it cause if I throw away every pizza that is just a bit to dark I will have to raise my prices!

Get the drift? Would you be happy with that comment when I bring your pizza to your door?

I agree, dented cans are against health code around here as well. The structural integrity of the can has been compromised, and who knows if what’s in the cans is still good or not. Maybe you want to come on over and get out your microscope and check each dented can I open and certify it as good or not good? Of course I would want you to accept the liability for serving the so called “good” ones to my customers as well!

LOL, euphersteve, you picked the wrong battle to fight in the wrong place my brotha. You might… nah you definitely want to pick something else to gripe about. -J_r0kk