ok guys, the wife and I are sneaking away to denver for a short get away. Where are your places and when can I come say Hi? also where else can we go eat? whats hot but not overrated? we are prob gonna do Mt. Evans one day. what else is outdoorsy fun to do in the mountains? we are planning 2 days in the mountains and 2 days in the city. also, we got a great deal in a room on the south end of Lakewood…Is this a good area? everything in the city was super expensive so we opted not to deal with it.

Make sure you visit @WhollyStromboli in Ft Lupton just north of Denver. Melissa is an amazing person and has a very unique location.

You get what you pay for. Lakewood is a nothing special part of Denver. If you want to experience Denver, Lodo is where it is at. Just bite the bullet and have a good time. Then you can just walk around and there are lots of interesting shops and places to eat. I second Daddio on visiting Wholly Stromboli. Good people!

Mt Evans is pretty cool and not to far away from the city. Where are you staying in the mountains?

A friend of mine owns right coast pizza in wheat ridge. Not far from Lakewood. If you stop in ask for Mark or Dana. Good atmosphere, great food and beer list. Good lunch specials. Pizza Colore in Denver used to be good. I haven’t been there in a few years. They had a good breakfast pizza I used to grab when I worked across the street. Lakewood is suburbs but not a bad access point to the city or mountains. It’s close to Golden which has a nice downtown area, also you can head up to Evergreen and walk around the lake and check out shops and restaurants downtown. Might see some Elk. There are some good pizza shops but you have to find them in between all the usual chains. Just plan your day around traffic depending on which way you are going. Edgewater Inn is a great off the beaten path pizza/italian joint in or close to Lakewood. I used to drive out of Denver just to go there for the peppers and sausage.

Wholly Stromboli is for sure on the list!

oh very true! we just wanted a place to rest our heads at night, we are usually go go go during the day, and 2 to 300 a night is just not in the cards. I just want to make sure there won’t be crack heads walking the streets. we are renting a car to get around so the 20 min drive to lodo won’t be an issue.

we are planning on just day tripping it twice and returning to the courtyard Marriott at night. hanging in Golden for a day sounds good too.

Blue Pan Pizza in Denver

and def go see melissa at Wholly stromboli in FT Lupton just north of drnver