Depression... what to me to do?

In September has suddenly died my aunt, and it was to me as native mother.
I have not uttered any teardrop though it there was a greater loss! Also has begun: the FEAR is has started to operate me, instead of me. There are no forces - ABSOLUTELY! I should sit, stand, something to do. I feel constant weariness. Contrary to to all I WISH to live, I do not wish to be the madwoman!
What to me to do?

I am sorry to hear about your loss. You must do the only things that you can do, go on with your life. Think of the best of times with your Aunt and know that she would want you to go on living your life along those same lines. I know it is hard, but I wish you the best and my thoughts are with you.

I recently went through some similar stressful things, loss of 2 friends, and the other stressful things. I went to a psychlogist then a phyciatrist and they thought the depression severe enough to prescribe a drug called wellbutrin. I am taking it and am better.
I am working more now and interacting with more new people and that may help.
From what I know, find people that have gone through depression and talk with them, as many as you can. We are easy to find, most of us have dealt with it. Local Alcohol Annonomas(sp off), aka, AA, have lots of people who have dealt with it. Go sit in on one, they are free, and people will be glad you are there, you do not need to have a drinking problem.
I drank more when I got depressed and it made it worse.
hope that helps some,

…thanks to PMQ for the space, I know this is out from the purpose…