Description for BLT pizza

I am adding Big Dave BLT, but I am at a loss for words for a description.

I really do not want to put the word “mayonaise” on my menu, as I Think it will deter a lot of people from ordering it.

So I was thinking of something like “The taste you have always loves, now on a pizza” Can I get aways with that, or do I need to describe every ingredient?

What do ya’ll do?

I like the way you described it …but if you feel the need to list the ingredients instead of mayo use our secret sauce…a secret sauce…a special sauce.

I agree that if you put mayo on the description you may turn people off.

But on the other hand it’s good to let customers know what to expect on their pizza.

I think something like, “Everything you love on a BLT, now on a pizza !” or “Forget the bread, forget the toast, a BLT on pizza is what you’ll like the most”.

“The classic BLT is now our fantastic BLTP(izza) !”

“All the goodness of a BLT, on a pizza !”

All this talk about a BLT makes me want one. I’m going to go make one up right now ! :lol:

Ironic…I just had one for lunch!

TD, you are very creative. I hope Vocelli’s lets you put that to good use.