Dessert Ideas Please

Hey I was curious if anybody has Dessert ideas or recipes for my pizzeria? I’ve been told I need to offer something sweet. My pizzeria is in a mall and it’s usually only me and my wife working. She runs the counter and hands out slices and takes the orders and I do all the cooking. It needs to be something easy to prep and quick to make.
I was thinking maybe cannolis?
Does anybody have success with dessert pizzas?
I’d really appreciate any feedback, thanks for reading

Cannoli- regular shell and chocolate shell

Theyre the easiest, most popular, and best looking dessert.
They sell extremely well all year long

We just put the Monkey Bread from this thread onto our permanent menu. Doughball cut into small pieces, granulated sugar, liquid margarine, and cinnamon. A bit labor intensive but food cost is deliciously low.

Some other good ideas in that thread too.

If you have a small display fridge, you can pick up most small pastries from Restaurant Depot, if not you can find a small desert place near by who can make you deserts and deliver them 1-2 times a week… Thats what I do.

would you be willing to share your process? I just tried making some and they just seemed ok. I think i didnt have enough cinnamon and sugar on them maybe.

IMG_20190904_142546_Monkey Bread.jpg

14.5 wt. ounce doughball. stretch it into a “log” and cut into 8 strips. Cut across those strips twice to make 24 pieces.
Put in a bucket with 1/8 cup liquid margarine, 1/8 cup granulated sugar, and 1 tsp cinnamon. Cover bucket and shake until bits are coated.
Put a square of foil in a 12" pan, spread pieces out on foil and bake at 420 F for 5 1/2 minutes.
Lift foil into a 12" pizza box for delivery.

Note: I know it’s called monkey bread (aka pull aparts), but it really cooks best spread out in the pan. Think of them more like doughnut holes. A “true” monkey bread loaf would have a ton more goo and have to be baked a lot longer.

$.90 Food + paper/$6 menu price.

Glad to hear that they made your menu.

Sweet Street Desserts makes amazing ready to serve desserts that come frozen. Reese’s peanut butter pie, Oreo pie, carrot cake, ny cheesecake …Many more as well as individually wrapped cookies and brownies. All are portioned and hold up well. The company will provide you with point of sale also. Rest depot has some but check with your distributor also… you won’t be disappointed!

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Awesome, thanks so much everybody. I’m thinking the Monkey Bread is going to be on my menu for sure. I upped the cinnamon a bit. Quick easy simple and profitable. I love it

they do make delicious stuff but they are also quite expensive.

So you put it in with cold margarine? I am just trying to figure this out.

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Liquid margarine, sorry. Yes, refrigerated. If you have the time and don’t care about them being Vegan, melted butter is amazing.

I was just looking at your menu do you also make your own bread sticks or are they bought?

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We make our own.

Stretch a 20 oz. dough ball out to the length of the cut board (16”) by gripping it from opposite ends and slowly pulling. Lay the stretched out dough ball on the cut board and cut the strip in half. Then cut each half in half to yield four quarters. Cut each quarter twice to yield a total of 12 pieces of dough. Grab each individual strip from near the ends and stretch to a length of 10”. Arrange on a pizza screen.

Baked at 420 F for 5 1/2 minutes. We brush our with oil and sprinkle with salt (after stretching out on the cut board, but before cutting) They could instead be brushed with butter and sprinkled with parm and/or seasonings after baking.

Do you pre-prep these? Cut and toss to order?

Both. They can be prepped a few hours ahead for an expected rush, any longer than that and the quality takes a nosedive.

Ok, just curious because I feel like this would be a much more labor intensive (although better product) than the way we make our breads now. Have you tried prepping them into the pizza pan, then putting them into the cooler and holding until they are ordered? Cooking straight from cold.

That’s how we do it for the Buffet, make a batch of like 10+ pans. We find that if they don’t get used during that service though, the goo tends to run off them and they’re not good for the next (like Lunch made ones at Dinner time, or especially next day).