Dessert / Impulse buys...what do you use

Next door to us is a cookie shop that makes great cookies…we’ve started selling them in the restaurant I’m currently in as an impulse buy item (some buy them as a dessert). Works out well for us because the advertising we get from next door is worth it.

Anyway, it got me thinking what other dessert types of things people use. We’ve had a few people ask us if we had ever thought about selling small chocolates as desert items. We already do the dessert pizza but it’s not that big of a seller so I was looking for other ideas to add to the menu / counter.

What do you sell as after dinner items / dessert in your shop?

We have a basket with bags of confectionery on the counter right at the till and small single serve chocolate bars in the drink fridge.

We range about 8 different bars. They are a great impulse especially when people go to the fridges to get drinks out. Remarkable how many pick a bar as well. Plus lots of people drop in and buy their drinks and sweets for the movies (a few doors down from our shop) rather than pay the inflated prices they charge.

Profit is about 60c to $1.00 but it is all extra to the bottom line.