dessert pizzas

Hi. We’re thinking about doing a dessert pizza with a little honey, brown sugar, cinnamon mixture. We’ll be using our regular pizza dough unless there are other suggestions. Also, what’s the pricing for something like this? Thanks for your help!

We sell a cinnamon pie on our regular crust. It has a liquid margarine base, and cinnamon/sugar mixture sprinkled liberally. Finished with vanilla heatable glaze . . . squeezed out of a squeeze bottle at room temp. Pricing is:

[] 16" @ 10.50 Food Cost 18.5%
] 12" @ 6.75 Food Cost 19.5%
[*] 10" @ 4.75 Food Cost 21.5%

[*] 7" flatbread version for $2.49 Food Cost 14.1%

We sell several each day. We also sell take and bake to a couple customers.