Dessert Pizzas

I read about them, I heard about them but never try or seen one before… any of you guys make dessert pies? if you do, do u mind sharing your experience with them and maybe some recipes? which one is your biggest seller?.. thanks in advance

In our area, desserts are not big sellers. Southern California thing. We do a dessert pizza with a cinnamon/brown sugar/butter mix that is baked on to the dough. We then drizzle icing over the top after it comes out of the oven. Good stuff.

As I said, not a big deal as far as sales go, but we give a lot away in coupon promotions since they cost next to nothing. Adds perceived value.

ask grande rep for dessert book, great recipes using canoli cream

heres how we do it . we use 14 oz dough for 12" pie we take that dough and make it a 10" pie nice and thick put on either apple cherry or peach filling run through or conveyor when comes out we brush melted butter on crust and little on the top then use quick dri icing it eats best after its cooled a bit we sell for 6.00 dollars great seller in winter but not so good here in the summer