DESSERTS- we are missing extra sales

We currently offer Zeppoli’s made from our pizza dough and cannoli’s but they are not big sellers - I believe partly because our waitresses dont offer it. Would like to have more desserts to offer any ideas?

Also, We currently make our own thin crust pizza dough and have limited refrigerator space. The younger kids in our small town keep asking us for a thick crust pizza which our current dough cannot do. Any help?

Try offering a dessert pizza. Use your regular thin dough skin, brush with melted butter (edge to edge) then sprinkle with cinnamon ans sugar. Apply apple slices, and or sliced strawberries, halved grapes, blueberries, peach slices work well too. Then bake just as you do your regular thin crust pizza. Allow to cool for 20-minutes, then drizzle on a powdered sugar water icing (put it into a squeeze condiment bottle) to finish. These can be held at room temperature or served cold right from the cooler, or, don’t apply the icing right away, instead, store the pizzas without icing, then when a dessert pizza slice is ordered, ask if they would like it warm or cold. If warm is the order of the day, place back into the oven for warming, then drizzle with icing and serve. If you want, offer it ala mode, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a dollar extra. We normally make then on a 14-inch format and slice into 6 or 8 servings. If you want to go over the top, buy a bag of ready made strussel and sprinkle over the top of the pizza just before baking. It really adds a “WOW” factor.
As for a deep-dish pizza, you will need to get the pans, (dark colored, 2-inches deep work well). Try greasing the pans with butter flavored Crisco, or use Whirl. To keep things simple, use two of your thin crust dough balls and fit into the pans. Allow the dough to rise in the pan for 60 to 70-minutes. The dough is then ready to use. Normal sauce, cheese, and toppings are used. Try this to have the dough available over a period of time. Allow the dough to rise in the pan for 30-minutes, then transfer to the cooler and store on a covered tree rack until needed to fill an order. Try this during your slowest night of the week. Begin by advertising “limited availability”, and buy more pans as dictated by sales.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Trust Tom on his dessert pizza. We sell a TON of them…IF the servers bother to mention them. We do them on our 8" hand-tossed dough and they have no problem serving a 4 top from one pie. We have several folks that will order one, eat a piece as a dessert then take the rest home “for breakfast”.

The only change up we do is in making our own topping…dice up cold butter, oatmeal and brown sugar…cut it in together…done. We started out using fresh cut apples on order but that got to be too much of a delay from order to service on a crashed Friday night service. We now use a fresh slice, packed in water and have had excellent result with them for holding, cooking and the all important flavor.

We brush the melted butter on the dough, place apple slices, cover with the topping, bake off and then after cutting we drizzle on a caramel sauce while the pie is fresh from the oven. From start to serve is only about 8 minutes and the customers are willing to wait once they see one come out to the dinning room! I would just say NEVER use a “apple pie filling” type of product, it is just not the same and it puts your pie in the same category as the “big guys”. nasty.

If your servers are not mentioning them, them you need to have some sort of contest to make sure they do…Same with salads, starters, extra beverages, etc…

Thanks for the replies. Will try tonight as we are closed. We will start the contests up again. They did seem to work.

I am actually looking for a thick crust recipe or dare I say it thick crust I can buy. My husband does not like the idea of buying anything premade which I understand, but I thought I might toss the idea around. Like I said the younger kids seem to like the doughy pizza and keep asking us if we have it. Any ideas or thoughts?

If you want a deep-dish/thick crust dough formula, go to the RECIPE BANK and type in the word “dough” for your search word. I know I’ve got at least one posted there, and I’m sure others do too, so you will have a selection to choose from.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Great advice Tom!

I sell New York cheesecake. You can add toppings to it to make strawberry, cherry, raspberry,blueberry.

I also sell Tiramisu