Detroit Style Dough

Hey all, I am a relatively new pizza making enthusiast and this is my first post. For the last year, I have been hard at work trying different dough formulas and while I’ve made a few neopolitans, I am really focused on perfecting NY Style and Detroit style. For what it’s worth, I lived in NYC for several years and I grew up in Detroit. My father used to own several pizza shops so Detroit pizza is near and dear to me.

Here are a few pix from a batch I made this wknd. I’m getting decent caramelization on my crust but I can’t seem to get my crust fluffy and airy enough. It’s just a bit dense. Would love to know if anyone has suggestions.

Here is my recipe and approach:

300g bread flour (king arthur)
1.5% active dry yeast - 5g
3.33% salt 10g
70% hydration, 210g water

blend of brick cheese and low moisture mozz, cubed

Dissolved ADY in warm water
Mixed flour and salt in the mixer bowl
Rough mix then I let it rest for about 10 minutes
Mixed for another 7-10 minutes and then I let it rest for another 2 hours. -This is where I would have expected it to rise more, ideally doubling in size, but it didn’t. I’m wondering if this means my yeast amount is too low or perhaps my ADY is dead?

I split the dough ball in half and then let it proof if the 8x10 pan for 24 hours. I took it out 2 hours before the cook.

I have a Gozney Roccbox and I cooked the pizza at 550

Anything glaring that I might consider doing differently?