Detroit Style Pizza Dough

Anyone have a recipe they’d be willing to share? Looking to try at home at first and see if it may be doable to add to the everyday menu.

I have a bunch, heres the gist

100% fllour, usually bread flour, about 12% protein but some guys are still using 14%+
70-80% water A bunch of 70% recipes so I would start there
2 % salt
0-2% sugar some places use malt instead, it seems similar to me after baking
.75% IDY

Thank you! Do you know if there are any perforated pans any where? We run conveyors and I wonder about cook times or possibly par baking before hand or 3/4 of a bake to ensure its not doughy?

I think Lloyd might make a perforated detroit pan. I had one I got from somewhere and I didn’t like it. It is not uncommon at all to parbaked them. I have had mixed results with Parbaking because the dough sometimes likes to shrink a ton. On the other hand I have had difficulty getting them to cook well in a conveyor myself without Parbaking. If you come up with a good way of cooking them let me know.

Will do. Thanks for the help!

I use Turkey lacers in my pizza to make sure dough in middle is cooked at same rate as the crust. Works great. Used to use WinCo heat syncs but they no longer make them

We started selling “detroit style” by the slice a few months ago. We just use our regular pizza dough and have been doing very well with it. We’re in Philly area, not sure if it would fly in the midwest.

22 oz dough ball Toss in melted butter or fake melted butter. Proof in 10x14x2.5 in Lloyd pan until it is about halfway up the sides. Bake until it starts to brown, roughly 6 minutes. Spread 10 oz shredded mozz (we don’t use brick cheese) over the dough, cook until just melted. Spread 5 oz shaved parmesan around the perimeter, cook until melted an carmelized about 3-4 minutes. Remove from oven and pan, add 8 oz of sauce in racing strip lines over the top.

Edit: We are baking in a Marsal and Sons MB series deck oven @ 500F

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Thanks for the details! I appreciate it, even if you’re from Philly! ( Go Pens!)

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Selling very well so far. Thanks for the info guys