Detroit style pizza help?

Well this was my first try at making not what I call “Detroit Style Pizza” BUT rather than just saying a square deep dish pizza. Being that I did not want to have my supplier bring in different types of flour, I just went the the local grocery store & picked up a bag of “King Arthur Bread Flour” used Tom’s recipe he posted in this thread, well, I will say NOT ever having a Detroit Style Pizza in my life time, but will say I have had Jets Pizza. I think its not bad at all. A little on the dense side, maybe due to I did not let it rise a second time for very long only about 1/2 hr to 45 minutes, caramelization with the cheese on the edges is outstanding. I did sprinkle a heavy dose of parm/romano blend around the outside prior to putting everything else on, and just used my cheese blend of mozz/prov. cheese. I have extra dough balls, I will try letting dough rise a second time longer possibly 1 hr or longer, I will say it is a process and time consuming.

We let ours rise for two and a half to four hours.

Wow thats a long time, since we do not sell or received to many requests for deep dish, I am thinking of pre baking first and storing and using as we get in request only about a 1/2 dozen or so to start and see how it works…

Ok I have played with a couple different oz. sizes for my new pans 8x10 and 10x14, I have tried 15oz and 20oz, any other oz size suggestions.