Detroit style pizza - squishing down when cutting?

Working on our detroit style pizza and we’re happy with the taste and most qualities of the dough, but one issue I’ve had is that when I go to cut a finished pizza, the middle of the pizza squishes down quite a bit around where I’m cutting with a rolling cutter.

Using 10 oz of dough for a 8x10 and 18 for a 10x14. Dough is 73% hydration using 13% protein strong bakers flour and is mixed until smooth and passes a windowpane test, then put into bins and directly into the walk in cooler for a 48 hour bulk cold ferment. Then portioned into pans and left for about 30-45 minutes to warm up before starting to stretch out over about an hour, then proofed for an hour or two until it gets about 1/3 to 1/2 way up the pan. Using seasoned steel pans from Detroit Style Pizza co.

Would appreciate any input!

I purchased a 20 inch Rocker cutter it’s also heavy Cutts through my Sicilian Grandma Pies and Tomato Pies…this cutter Rocker cuts like Pro …I keep Sharp…