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I started doing this about2-3 months ago, now all of a sudden last week i see tv ad for LC pushing detroit style and now last nite i see another commercial for hungry howies doing the same ???

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What is it?

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Detroit Style Pizza is a square pizza, generally 10" x 14", with either butter, olive oil, or any other cooking oil brushed onto the pan.

I believe it was made popular by Buddys in Detroit, but has also spread into a few states with Jets. Every michigan franchise carries the square deep dish (even Dominos tried it for quite a while in Michigan…with little to no success)

Im really curious to see how LC & HH does with it, I just thought it was ironic that all of a sudden they both are pushing the advertising for it over the last few weeks, first it was LC then 2 weeks later HH…We do really well with it, we actually bought the pans from Detroit Pizza Co.

Superior is correct.

Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit is the birth place of the Detroit style pizza. It is done in a sq or oblong black steel pan. It is a thicker crust, the pan is oiled to give a fried in oil taste to the outer crust. There are several steps in preparing and panning the dough. Tom the Dough Doctor would have more info.

George Mills

Our chain is rolling out this style as our franchise was acquired by a Detroit based chain - Papa Romanos - one my shops rolls out with it in 2 weeks. By the end of the year our chain (41 total stores of which I own 3) will have it in every unit.

Cheese out to edge to “burn” at edges is also part of the mystique.

We shall see how it goes but compared to the LC or HH versions our is at least authentic.

I’ve been wanting to have a Detroit style night for more than a year and this may make me get around to doing it. Anyone with knowledge or guidance, please jump in!

From what I can tell, this is a VERY wet dough (65%+ hydration) so I’m assuming a high-gluten flour is needed.
I’ve read Mozzarella/White Cheddar Mozzarella/Muenster and Just Mozzarella and I don’t know which it is.
Blue Steel Pans, or will any aluminum pizza pan work?
Baking Temperatures?

I just ordered 3 Detroit pizzas to be fed-ex’d next week so I’m excited to get a better feel for the sauce and consistency since I haven’t had an authentic Detroit Pie in many years…


You can order the pans thru Detroit Pizza Company, they have 2 sizes. My recipe that I use, I picked up from Tom

Flour 100%
Salt 1.75%
Sugar 2%
Oil 3%
Yeast 1.5%
Water 60%

I make 5# flour batches, which is small, make the dough, weigh & roll out to pans, proof in pans for 3 hrs, do a par bake, let cool & wrap and store in cooler for up to 3-4 days, but usually end up using within a day or two.

We have not changed any sauce or cheese recipe to match Detroit, we use our own & have great results with it.

I make the dough and sell what is basically a Buddy’s clone Detroit style pizza at my small pizza stand at market. The dough is 75% hydration. The recipe or formulation and methods have been researched.

This is my facebook page for my small market stand with some photos of the Detroit style pizza I make. … ion?ref=hl


Hi All,

It’s true that Detroit-style pizza is making headlines lately. I recently wrote about it on PMQ’s The Pizza Insider blog ( … Headlines/).

I’m originally from Michigan and would love to see more of this style available across the U.S. It’s really tasty!


Speaking to a few people I know that have about 10 LC’s between them, the Deep Deep Dish is doing very well. They use a different yeast mix for the dough, it’s a little lighter dough, similar to their cheese bread with the ‘burnt’ cheese on the edge (that they call carmalized, which drives me nuts)… along with a butter/oil mixture. They still have their crappy sauce and toppings on it… along with entrusting their could-care-less employees to make it right. So… yeah. Their customers were probably just jumping at the chance to try something different for once. I’ll be curious if the sales keep up or it dies down after the newness has worn off. They made the franchisees spend about 2500 bucks on new pans, so apparently they’re not going off the menu anytime soon.

What kind of oil is being used in the pan?

We just use a standard canola oil.

Our sales on this is doing very well…Our dough is very light, and not a heavy dense dough, because we let ours rise 3 -4 hrs

Soooo…I fed ex’d 3 Buddy’s pizzas last week (that’s some pricey pizza!) and have dissected them a bit. The one thing I’m convinced of is that they do not use all Mozzarella. It may be aged provolone but I strongly suspect it is white cheddar. Anyone know for sure?

Also, are most of you proofing the dough at room temp or are you using proof boxes?

Our proofing is all done in the pans at room temp, because I found out after trial & error, that if you proof any other way, the dough will stop rising because you are playing with it to much, 100% proofing in the pans means 1 time touch. After proofing for 3-4 hrs we pre bake just to let rise a tad more & to set the dough, then pull out let cool, wrap & will hold for a few days in cooler, when we get an order we just pull out, oil pan add ingred. and bake, they come out great & are a huge seller when we added, Im not a thick crust fan, never was but after doing this Im lovin it.

The people over at did some sleuthing and found that buddys uses Brick cheese from Foremost farms.

I’m not familiar with the term “brick cheese” what exactly is that compared to the block cheese I purchase by the case from my supplier???

Brick Cheese

Foremost Farms

I think Buddy’s uses brick cheese. I use mild white cheddar. The formulation I use is on Buddy’s pizza was studied in depth on the thread (Two Bill’s under the Sicilian board) I started and also on the Buddy’s/Shield thread.

I had Detroit Style Pizza at Expo’s competition. It was really good but I don’t know who won.

The crust wasn’t as dense as I thought it would be. It was surprising light.