devastating news today

just found out that the street in front of my shop is going to be widen…it is a four year project. the only way in to my shop and the only way out will be closed…
I am assuming they just say oh well to the few business that will be lost…do they even take us into consideration…any suggestions?

We went through something like this a few years back. We were petrified. We have 2 ways in (out) and both were supposed to be closed. We ended up getting them to leave one opened.

Sure it hurt business because people were not driving by on the way home etc. But we cut labor and worked on delivery.

If you don’t deliver this would be a great time to start.


Do you own or rent your property?

one way in one way out…
we do deliver accounts for 35 percent of sales
we rent

Surely they would be able to get around this problem for you and the other businesses somehow. It doesnt make sense for the city financially to risk all those businesses having to close because of a street project. Call the city manager or city engineer’s office and see what they have to say.

So I tried to look your place up on Google Maps…Are you across from Walgrens?..In behind the print shop?..Are they widening Green Street?..Is the photo on Google real old?..

Of course it doesn’t make sense but who said city or any government officials do?

Same thing just happened to one of our locations this year. The city closed off the island in front of our business so no one can enter anymore from the north – only south. Then removed all the parking up and down the street and put in another lane. Then the city came in and told us to take half our tables out because we did not have the parking to support them anymore.

Wish you luck in this.

yes that where I am…i am in the building directly accross of walgreens…they are widening green street from 56th street to tilden…the unfortunate is that they are not going to have any thru traffic and main street the closest intersection will be closed as well…we will be able to get close…but seriuosly who is going to walk 2 blocks to get to us.
I talk to the landlord and he is NOT going to let me out to even consider a new place.

Don’t ASK the landlord. Ask an attorney and TELL the landlord.

In the end, the deal is that either the lease has some fault that you can use to get out (most do) or you can explain to the LL that they have a choice: work with you during this impact or loose a tenant and get nothing.

Ron, can you really pump up your marketing and move people in and out via the alley? Maybe some sort of Rockstar’s Back door neighbor’s discounting? I’m also sure I’ve read before of compensation available for business that are severely impacted by these road projects. I’m with Bodega on this and believe it’s not the landlord you need to be sitting down with, but rather your attorney…now! That road in front is surely part of the State of Indiana roadways system, I know our “city” street in front of our current business carries State designation because it’s used as a State detour route when necessary. Get ahold of your local legislator or rep as well and start shouting your case. There are a couple of neighboring businesses as well…time for a meeting! Get your local newspaper involved…free pub is free pub. The more you shout your story, the more likely you will have customers willing to go the extra steps to still visit your newly hidden door! Good luck in this battle, but you’ve got too good of a place to go down without a huge fight!

Thats a tough one. I agree with the above starting getting your attorney involved and speak to the city about this.

A few weeks ago I spoke with my City traffic team due to our city loop being closed (today by chance) due to a cycle race in town which closes my front access. Its nothing compared to what you’re facing but it got the results I wanted.

They’ll either work with you or you will know that you’ve not a cat in hells chance - either way at least you’ll have some certainty and can start to act appropriately.

Good luck

Wait wait wait… Depending on the street thats getting worked on, the village/city doesn’t have much say so. We had a huge construction project on the same street as us and I talked many times with the city officials, and they had absolutely nothing to say about it. There were times where cars could NOT go in or out of our parking lot, they literally had to travel the back roads.

What can a landlord, or the city, really offer businesses that are affected by such construction???

In Canada you do not often hear of large lawsuit awards but here is a case that has some simularity to your situation.

That prohject on Cambie is a nightmare, so many shops went down to that…

And it will be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada before Translink pays a dime…They do not want that precedent on the books if they can avoid it…

“What can a landlord, or the city, really offer businesses that are affected by such construction???”

What the LL can offer is a rent reduction. Lower rent vs no rent is not such a hard sell.

What the city can do if they are pressed hard enough by local merchants is adjust the hours that work takes place and enforce rules on the construction process that ensure access.

You must have a great landlord. My landlord laughed. He doesn’t have to offer anything.

The city was no doubt pressed by local merchants. There is a pretty large grocery store that was losing 50,000 customers a week! You better believe the corporate offices gave them hell about it. And guess what the village did? Nothing.

Guess what the state, who was funding the project, did? Kept on working, day in day out. It was a complete nightmare.

I think I missed the message. So, because you had difficulties, Rockstar shouldn’t approach any of these people for relief? I think the effort is warranted, no matter what. Loss of enterprise is a real legal issue that can be persued . . . though who knows how successfully in any specific case. An attorney consultation actually seems warranted if you get no traction with the city officials. Heck, even your local congressman or state representative constituent services might be useful. Some can be very helpful.

No, he should do whatever he possibly can to help his losses. If going to his landlord and getting relief is possible, then hell yeah. (obviously). I didn’t say he should not make an attempt.

I wish Rockstar the best of luck through this, its not the easiest thing to deal with.

What about insurance? Any chance an insurance company is liable for lost revenue in this situation? If so, you know they’ll get their lawyers working on your behalf in fast order.