Diamond Touch discussion thread

Anyone here uses diamond touch? I would really like to know. I’ve got a million questions that no one can answer me.


Have you talked to DT?

Yeah I did, don’t get me started… Apparently Tom Bronson, or any of his techs cannot help me until we pay the balance to our sale people. In which we owe them less than 10% of the entire bill. The system has been up for 3 weeks and the programming/ticket operation is no where near completion. So why would we pay in full before our system is finished? When you pay in full, companies or people aren’t as inclined to finish their job in a urgent manner. You never pay in full until you’re 100% satisfied.

Well, I seem to remember that they advertise a money back guarantee. I would take advantage of it.

Believe me if it were feasible I would, it seems like it would create nothing but a huge mess if I were to return it. Then I would have to find a new system, spend the weeks for the new one to be programmed for my application and install it, then retrain my whole staff and myself. Doesn’t seem worth it. If they could just fix it to my liking and actually get it done, I wouldn’t have any problems.

That is a decision only you can make. Personally, I believe the premium I am paying up front is for at least a 5 year relationship. If it starts badly, I would want out of it.

True true… It did not begin with a good start by any means. And now I’m kicking myself; by far one of the worst business decisions I ever made.

Are you sure you cannot get out of it? Would it cripple your business?

I’m sure if I really tried I could get out of it. But I think it would just be a huge massive headache if I were to do that. Plus there probably could be some downtime, which I cannot afford at this point.

Implementing a POS system can be one of the hardest things any business can do. It’s hard because everything changes - Orders are done differently, staff needs to be trained and problems are found along the way and need to be fixed. All the change can create a blinding level of frustration.

Assuming that DiamondTouch can get the system up, is there a reason to not pay the balance, get their help and get the system working? Continuing to press the standoff doesn’t seem to be productive. At stake is under $2,000 for the final payment, or far more than that if you decide to return the system, assuming any of it is returnable.

Heres the real kicker… The balance we owe them isn’t even for the system itself, its for the server they built us our security cameras and a couple printers. And the even bigger kicker, not ONCE they asked for the remainder of the balance… We are more than willing to pay, but its been this long, if I paid them right now, I doubt they would speed up the process any. They told me on Friday they would get it working this weekend, and its Monday now and they said they would talk to the programmer today and yet I still haven’t received a phone call.

My experience with Diamond Touch has shown that the money back gaurantee is a lie. They didn’t follow through with their promise. They also let us know that the fight in court would be much more of a hardship on us, than on them. Good luck to anyone attempting to recieve any compensation from Tom Bronson and Diamond Touch.