Diamond Touch Help...

Just a quick question for those of you that have sigh Diamond Touh POS

Do ANY of you have the actual Cd (or install files) for the program?

Windows is screwed up on my server and I need to reformat, but I never got the install CD for Diamond Touch. I called my “rep” and he says that they dont give the install cd’s to anyone, and in order to me to get it reinstalled on the server (or any station for that matter) that I have to mail them the tower, let them install it and that be that. It will only cost however long it takes them to “install” it, which is more then 8 hours are $135 and hour. :roll:

Ugh…That sound like being held “hostage”.

exactly… it’s freakin cheaper for me to buy Point of Success and install it on all 3 stations with all the bells and whistles then it is to "send the server in to get ““fixed””.

notice the word fixed in extra “” i can not stress that enough :evil:

i basically need to know if anyone has the install files or CD so that I know 100% this guy is lying. And once I find out he is lying I can have my attorney rip him a new one.

I f’in had it with this place… and to think, I was going to have it installed in the 3 new shops I’m opening in the next 6 months.


I never got any installation cds with my purchase on DiamondCrap POS (Piece Of S***) either.

I just cant handle the bull shizzle.
First when i ask about getting the install CD, it’s they don’t do that… then after a couple minutes says When the company does that, Diamond Touch gives that person a serial # that lasts only 30 days, then it shuts it self down if the person dosent pay the rest of their $ they owe… but when they do, then a new serial is put in and it’s good to go forever.

But wait… you just said they didnt give out the CD, now they do, but wait, now they dont.


Who are you dealing with @ DT? Are you dealing with one of their reps or with their main office? This sounds like somebody that doesn’t fully understand what you’re asking for.

I don’t know why companies act this way. You paid for the use of the software, it would not cost them anything to set up a downloadable file to get you back up and running, or for a few bucks they could fedex a cd to you. Trying to hose you for another 1K because windows glitched is crazy. I would think they would value their reputation more than that. I realize they did not create the problem, but then again you are not asking them to fix it, just provide you with the ability to reinstall the liscensed software you properly purchased from them. With the cost and the importance of the POS system, I would only want to deal with a company that wanted to make sure I had what I needed to stay up and running. If they do not want you to have the disc for security reasons, I can almost understand that, although I think that with license verifications they can prevent multiple instalations of one registered product. But, if they do not want to release the disc they should do the reinstall for free or refund a prorated amount of your purchase price. I’m sure that if this is not favorably resolved it will have an impact on which system forum members may chose. Microworks, Point of Success and Revention could not have better advertising.

I am dealing with a “sales rep”…
Up & Running Computers
(248) 539-9940
32430 Northwestern Hwy, Farmington Hills, MI 48334

When i call the company they say that they “can not do anything for me”, i have to do everything through “Up & Running Computers”.

changingcourse, exactly… their all about the “repeat” business when we open another place, then act this way… like i’m ever going to purchase this software again because of the bull crap i go through with this! It’s totaly unreal.

I know your pain. After suffering through 3 years bullshit from D-Touch, I’m pulling that piece-of-crap system out of my pizzeria. You may have gotton ripped off—mark it up as a learning experience and move on. You DO NOT want that POS system from Diamond Touch in your operation–trust me! The problems that I’ve experienced are too numerous to list. Their tech support is non-existant. If you want to contact me, look for that guy at the 2010 Pizza Expo wearing a yellow t-shirt that says " ask me about my piece-of-crap Diamond Touch POS ". Barry, I hope your reading this! Maybe you’ll finally return my phone call!

“Return my phone call” is exactly what was happening with me since last October.

My “service contract” (which the problems i’m having now are still the same as when i contacted them about it over a year ago) ended last October, since then they never 1. answer the phone when i call. 2. return my calls after i leave a message each and every time on both the business line and his personal cell line. 3. never respond to any of my e-mails.

I called Diamond Touch directly about 2 weeks ago and after they told me they can’t do anything for me, i called my lawyer, and he said they are at fault because it’s their software and they are held accountable. So i called DT up again and told them that… they called the rep from Up and Running, and WOW, I GOT A CALL IN LESS THEN 5 MINUTES.

I’ve decided I’m going to do the same thing again, i’m going to my lawyer and try to get DT to give me the files nicely… and if they jack me around again, i’m going to file a lawsuit and get everything back… all $18,500 and lawyer fees.

It’s total BS that it has to come to this.

As much as I hate what Diamond Touch is doing to you, it is rare to have a win win situation when you involve a lawyer…The lawyer is going to charge you big bucks to review the contract to find a “small” window of opportunity for you…But that does not mean you can win…

Have they failed to live up to the “legalize” of the contract or are they just failing to give you the service that we think is what they should be doing?..I am sure they have verbage burried deep in the contract that lets them do what they are doing legally…And just because they are not playing “nice” does not mean they are legally liable…

Good luck…

PS…Maybe you need Youtube video like that guy who had his guitar broke by United Airlines…

The “contract” is straight forward, nothing hidden. On the very first page is states the Diamond Touch software and every piece of software that it “includes” (such as the calledID and printer software spooler) and the price that I paid and the licenses that are also paid… it then goes on about every bit of hardware and other software used (like PC Charge) the same way.

By what it says, i own all the software/hardware/ and licenses to everything.

Ok, so you own what you had…But does it say anywhere in the contract that they have to be “nice” and replace what you had at a cost you find to be “reasonable”?..I have not heard anything so far that leads me to believe that they have failed to live up to the contract they had with you…They have chosen to be “miserable” (in my opinion) but it looks like they can legally get away with that…I empathize with what you are going through, but I would hate to see you spend more money on a lawyer if there is little or no hope with can come out ahead…

The bottom line is that Diamond Touch has been raked through the coals on this website for years and never once has a representative from there come on here and set the story straight or make right on the problem that was being discussed. Is it because they don’t realize the discussion is going on here? My DT rep when I was looking for a POS was quite familiar with the thread on the old Think Tank titled “Diamond Touch Sucks!”. My guess is that they get enough leads by spending huge money for a huge spread at Pizza Expo that they just don’t care about existing customers and bad word of mouth. On a similar note, after all the prolonged negative threads about DT on this website, how come a google search doesn’t yield negative info on them within the first couple pages. After all the bad stuff I have read here, it’s hard to believe there’s any suckers out there to buy this system in the future.

Paul, it’s ironic that you mention Google. Search for “Diamondtouch POS” and this is makes the first page: http://pmq.com/tt/viewtopic.php?start=0 … f252e2e5c7

It’s a post where you are praising them! I don’t know, I just found that funny :slight_smile:

I had a horrible experience with the sales side of Diamond Touch when I was looking for new POS systems and would never give them a second chance.

Having to ship the tower to them to do an install is absolutely ridiculous. They should just put up a link and let you download it. I’d also be a little concerned about why a POS company would require EIGHT HOURS to install a piece of software.

yep I got that one on on page 2 of google but it was the first of the PMQ articles which came up.

That has got to be so ironic Paul!

Hehehe, I was giving them props for being bold in backing their product, but it has already been stated in another DT thread that they aren’t following through with their promise to buy back the system. It’s a bold move they had to offer to make it a risk free proposition to a customer but apparently it was just a sham. If only half of what we constantly read on the think tank about Diamondtouch is true, shame on you Diamondtouch.