Diamond Touch problems

Hey all,
Was wondering if any of you know what the service codes are and what their functions are for DT?
I pretty much know everything else besides what they do… my installer/sales rep just says stay away from it because it will just screw up the system.

Well i want to know HOW and WHY IT WILL IT SCREW IT UP? :lol:

Thanks all!

I have a dt system and I have been told the same thing. So, I just left if at that. I have had enough problems with dt on its own, I don’t need to go messing it up more.

what kind of problems are you having?

I don’t know anything about DT’s service, but many companies look for an “out” when there is a problem. Instead of trouble shooting they will just say “not our fault or problem” – as in, not covered by warranty or service contract.