diamond touch

i had to replace my computers today,i have the diamond touch 98 does anyone know the default password to this?please help im lost without it thank you

Wouldn’t it be easier to just call DiamondTouch?

Charles would they answer the phone nights and weekends?..

I guess they do…

If you pay them $115 a month they will. Otherwise you have to wait until Monday and they charge $200, per occurrence.

I am trying to figure out the password on my system, if I get it I will send you a PM.

If you bought the system new from DT, you have support included for a certain period of time.

For the password, try the last 4 digits DT’s phone #, especially if you bought from DT in Texas.

Did you not get any training when you bought the system? That’s the first thing I had to do was set up my own password for getting into the system.

i had 3 diffrent one’s from DT Service on mine, 1212, 6868, 6969
try one of those and let me know.


and yeah, i called them the other day about a question… could’nt talk to anyone unless i blow $900 a year for “normal” business hours.

I’m suprised no one has made a forum strictly for DT so we could all get togeather and figure out problems on our own, instead of calling them chumps.

also try 9898

I would be all over that!

Yikes. Not a good thread for DT. Confirms my impressions when I visited the corporate headquarters.

Best of luck. I searched the “internets” and could not find anything.

Did your old one die? (pc) Can or did you back up your pc to an external hard drive?