diamondtouch or foodtronix?

after 5-years of pen & paper finally got a pos budget for a small mom & pop shop.we’ve narrowed it down to diamondtouch or foodtronix only because their local.One would think this is wise since everything else needed for operation is local, however what system is better? anyone have any experience with these two pos systems?

Hey, arduous, where are you located? I am in Mansfield, TX.

I would not choose a vendor just because they are local. If you are set on doing that, make sure you get a concession on the installation.

I would still consider Firefly, Speedline, Point of Success, and other fine companies.

Lewisville,who’s your favorite?Do they offer on site demos or support,thanks for your wisdom :mrgreen:

Definitely check out point of success. I used to use Pizzafast which was a rockland technology product (the diamond touch people) and their service was terrible! I would never use them again for anything. Every time i called support, there was new ppl working there who didnt have a clue, and never fixed my problems. I switched over to Point of Success last year and the product and staff has been great. With Point of Success, you supply the hardware. I purchased 2 new computers for this at Staples for mine. That way you don’t pay an extremely over inflated price to the people you buy your POS from.

I purchased a high end system that i am extremely happy with. It does everything i ever wanted. Before you purchase anything, make sure you get ALL upfront costs, and future costs. GT is right about Point of Success, You can get started for a fraction of what the high end systems do & Point of Success has great features. They didn’t some of the features i was looking for.

Hope this helps.

Maybe someday I will do a complete write-up of all the details, but here is a quick summation of my experiences:

Diamond Touch: Visited their headquarters for a demo. Their demo system had glitches and the salesman was argumentative.

Intura: Visited their headquarters for a demo. Slick looking system. Problem is, the owner decided he wanted to be a competitor of mine by investing in the local Garlic Jim’s franchise. Salesman’s reaction when I told him that I was concerned: “Good luck with Speedline”.

Revention: Slick system. But turned off by their advertising and the personality of the CEO.

I found the following companies reputable and helpful and their products to be solid performers: Speedline, Firefly Technologies, Point of Success. You are going to pay a premium for Speedline or Firefly but they have online ordering and other features we required. Point of Success will cost you a lot less and is a great company to deal with… but it lacks some of the features we were looking for.

There are many other systems out there and only you can decide what works for your setup. Make a list of the most critical business functions you need to address and then ask the companies lots and lots of questions and take lots and lots of notes.

In the end, it came down to Speedline or Firefly for us. We are choosing Firefly because they were less expensive and the rep, Josh, was knowledgeable, helpful, and very open. Point of Success was a strong competitor but lacks online ordering and some other features we liked with Firefly. If you are tight on cash and do not need online ordering, get Point of Success and pick up the needed hardware on eBay or someplace.

Information that may be helpful to you:
http://www.speedlinesolutions.com/Libra … fault.aspx

I’m located in Roanoke, Texas and have had DiamondTouch almost 6 years. Prior to that, we had PizzaFast for almost 6 years, only replaced it because the equipment was getting old. I know you’ll read negative about DiamondTouch because everyone has their own experiences, but I have had absolutely no problems with either of their products. The salespeople are knowledgable and, in my opinion, don’t try to sell you a lot of things you may not need. They have integrated online ordering available now. Their support is great. Any questions have been answered in a timely manner and they’ve gone way beyond what’s necessary in some instances. I can tell you they “rate” their support calls and if a customer has a system down, that customer will get priority response.

P M me if you have more questions.

your original message said after 5 yrs, your Mom & Pop operation now has a budget 4 a POS…unless you’ve saved a massive amount, I can’t see starting out w/a “Cadillac” POS…many “Chevy/Ford” type systems that are far more affordable…

I’ve used some high-end systems & some rock-bottom ones & have in the last year built a 5 station Point of Success system for less than $3,000…

now, I don’t do on-line ordering, but that is the only thing lacking, rom my point of view, from any other major player…

I may choose a helper-site for on-line ordering & send it to my fax, but, as a former Auditor, the system is bullet-proof & w/QuickBooks & a spread-sheet, I satisfy my need for numbers & the speed of touch-screen ordering & on-the-fly menu changes…

Semper Fi

@arduous I work with both systems and maybe my answer is biased - I know a local chain which uses diamond touch/firefly (from Granbury Solutions). It runs great but this chain sometimes has issues with the support and also from a cost perspective I think diamond touch is expensive. On the other hand, FoodTronix has better support and also are reasonable from a cost perspective. If you are a pizza place their system has some pretty neat functionality.

I would hope he has made a choice in the past 10 years.

@registered-guest.985 I misread 2008 to be 2018 :slight_smile: - my bad

Haha not maybe, your answer is DEFINITELY biased. As a Granbury customer of about a year now I will say this is completely false. Support has been top notch from day one and I’m the guy who puts in a million support tickets regularly just to ask dumb questions.

I said “sometimes”