DiamondTouch Service Contract

I just got a letter from DiamondTouch POS. My service contract is about to expire and to renew it for a year they want $1295 or $115/month. I think this is extremely over priced. I have 4 stations and have had some issues in the past, but is it really necessary to spend that much on a service contract for phone support only?

I have Firefly and I believe its more than that. $115 is about what I was paying my my previous POS contract with another vendor.

I have 4 station with Restaurant Manager and currently pay $209/month…then I get a letter saying they will no longer service any accounts that do not get an upgrade…last i heard they wanted over $4,000 for the upgrade :evil:

I am and have been very happy with the systrem and their service but this is ridiculous after investing $25,000

It seems that these full service companies really stick it to you b/c they know they have you by the b@lls…somebody has to come up with a software program that does all the bells and whistles and can replace the big guys to keep them honest…until then they will keep gouging us

Good Luck!

Firefly is $125 a month for unlimited support from 6:00 a.m. to midnight PST and ALL software upgrades, minor or major. Very decent IMO.

Make sure you check out the terms. Many vendors use a “per incidence” service contract or only give free minor upgrades/fixes. If they come out with a slick new version you may have to pay substantially more.

I have had DiamondTouch for over 5 years. The service contract is still the same price as the first time I took it ($1295). I get unlimited support 24/7 IF it is an issue that keeps me from operating my business. IF it is a minor question which does not hinder your POS operation, they call you on the next business day. In 5 years, my system has been down once for no longer than 15 minutes while they sourced the problem. It was fixed immediately and we were back in business.

They provide product upgrades continuously. They have add-ons which you can purchase if you see fit, but normal run of the mill upgrades are provided with your service contract.

I couldn’t be happier with the POS or the support I receive. Looked at several systems before purchasing DT, and found all to be lacking in some area or the other.


5 months ago you said you had DT for 3 years now you say 5. Which is it? I see your in North Texas which is DT country. I have to say you have had pretty good luck with DT. I have had my system for exactly 5.5 years and my system has been down at least 10-15 times for more than an hour and once for about a week. With all that being said I do believe that their service is better than what it was a few years ago. As far as Crusher’s original question goes, I think the $115 a month is fair. I have one friend that thinks the $115 is a joke so when his system went down he brought in a computer expert that quoted him a few hundy to get it fixed. A week later the bill was 2 g’s. It’s part of doing business these days. As far as Roanoke goes you have like 8 career posts and three of them have to do with DT. You know what they say. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck. Also, how could you find other POS companies lacking in the support area if you didn’t have the system and ever used their support?


I mis-spoke when I said 3 years. My system was installed in October 2002. I didn’t say I had used other’s support, only that I had looked at their systems. I have numerous friends who have pizza shops with other POS systems and they have all experienced horror stories with their systems and support.

As far as my post count and content, I didn’t realize I was being monitored and could only respond a certain number of times regarding a subject. Since I know you’re counting, I’ll try my best to comment on more topics if that will make you happy. I have the same number of posts as you and joined shortly before you did.

As far as walking and talking like a duck, I do not work for DT. You are correct in saying I’m in DT country though. I have made several friends at DT over the years and don’t try to hide that fact. I have 1 pizza shop located in Roanoke and have been open over 11 years. I work my store daily and feel like I can give an honest opinion regarding a POS.


Is your store a Mr. Jim’s? Seems like a lot of Mr. Jim’s around here use Diamond Touch.

Yes, I am a Mr. Jim’s franchisee. DT fits very well in our delivery/carryout store. Easy to train and very little upkeep. A lot of the newer Mr. Jim’s are going with DT over other POS companies.


My bad then. In the past the POS companies have been known to respond to questions posing as customers. With people spending 20k per store for a system I hate for someones decision to be swayed by posts on here that come from the companies. Also, if you have had your system for almost 6 years without problems you should go to church cause somebody has been watching out for you. I think I remember reading on here a while ago that DT owns part of that Mr Jim’s chain? I could be completley wrong but I think I remember someone complaining about it that it was kinda of a conflict. If I am wrong could somebody clue me in to which company that it.


Are you sure that wasn’t me complaining about Intura having an ownership interest in the local Garlic Jim’s? (You should see the Intura system they installed at their first store in Flower Mound!)

DT has no interest in Mr. Jim’s other than as customers buying their POS. They have no ownership interests whatsoever. For your comments regarding no issues, I had their previous system, Pizza Fast, from May 1997 to October 2002 with no problems. The only reason I didn’t go with DT in '97 was because it was new and the price was still high. Even though the company has changed ownership and lots of personnel, I continue to have good luck with them. As in everything manufactured, there’s always a lemon, so maybe you got theirs.

As dewar noted, Intura has ownership interest in Garlic Jim’s, so I suppose that’s what you were referring to.

You guys are right, it was Garlic Jim’s not Mr. Jim’s. Anyway, the turnover at DT especially in the tech support area has been tremendous. As I said before they do seem to be doing a better job now than they used to. At one point for about two years, it was only worth talking to one guy in the whole department cause the others didn’t have any idea what was going on. They have lost my whole customer database twice without having an answer as to why. This is a major reason I do not recomend them. I have also lost a couple years of sales figures into the universe for no apparent reason. It would be nice to see more personal stories on this site about users experiences with their systems support. Most of the companies at the top have similar features so one way we can seperate them is in their tech support and customer service areas.

I was just not impressed with the in-person sales presentation.