DiamondTouch Service Problems?

Are any of you having problems with getting tech support from Diamondtouch? I had my system installed about 4 months ago and have had the label printer work only about 1/2 that time, service has been horrible. I have had to go as far a emailing the president of the company and then they act like they care and are going to do something about it and when they can’t get it fixed they stopped responding to my messages. About a week and a half ago all my printers stopped working and I have called almost everyday to talk to tech support and have not even gotten a call back. I spent over $10,000 for the system and now it doesn’t even work right. Unless they fix this soon, I wouldn’t recommend anyone buying a Diamondtouch system.
Scott Chapman
Great Scotts Pizza

i have to reset the print q a few times for my network printers to work