Diastatic Malt (HELP TOM!)

Starting to use diastatic malt. Not sure how much to use ? I’ve heard .05 to 1.5 percent of flour weight, 1.0 would equal .5 lbs. If that is the case, a 1.5 pound container for 10.44 plus shipping would only last for 3 50 lb batches of dough ? TOM !!! how much to use for a 50 lb batch of flour ( in ounces, tbs, or cups please)

i don’t know how dense the stuff is but if you use the info from the other thread it should be .25% of the flour weight; at 50 lbs that comes out to.125 lbs or 2 oz. did i do that math right?

Your math is correct, 2-ounces is the correct weight. If you use non-diastatic malt powder you can use it for its unique flavor and as a sweetener in which case a good starting level might be 3% or 24-ounces for 50# of flour weight.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

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