Diastic Malt and Flour

I’m playing around with a Sicilian recipe and some research has lead me to a King Arthur Diastic Malt Powder to add to the dough recipe, but I’ve seen conflicting results as too how much to add. Any one have any guidance here for how much to add to a batch made with 50lbs of flour?

I’m trying to make a Sicilian type dough, but as a thinner crust, about 8oz for an 11 inch pizza.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


I see most people doing like 2-3% malt, its basically used instead of sugar usually.

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The price on that stuff is gold, so use as little as possible to get results. 2% is a good place to start experimenting.

Remember that malt is essentially flour, so you don’t need to add malt to your recipe per se, as much as substitute some of your flour for malt.

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