Diced Cheese Higher Priced

I used to use diced cheese and about 2 years ago switched back to shredded. I called my Roma rep and told him I would like to go back to diced to help with portion control. When I got it, I noticed the price was higher then the shredded ( I pay .49 over block on a 2 week lag) The rep tells me diced is always more expensive. This sounds like BS, the cheese is exactly the same. Roma has a cheese production plant that it comes from and they are dicing and grinding cheese all day, how could one cost more then the other?

Holy crap, .49 over block is ALOT

you should really try to get this down like by Half

Scarcity dictates price - If 90% of the people use shredded, and 10% use diced, the diced will cost more.

so 60 cents over block is getting bent over? how many cases/ pounds do you need to command that price…attention BRAD RANDALL I paid 2.50lb for my cheese today the cheese you advised me on it worked well in my oven, is that a good price for my volume? (different cheese than the 60 cents over block)

we use LMPS and we paid 2.11 this week

The Guido Gold? I’d ask Jim how your price is determined. Ours is a fixed amount over the block price that they paid when they bought their most recent shipment, but there are many different ways to set a price. You might instead be lagging a couple weeks behind the market and it could be a percentage over and not a fixed amount.


Once you know how your price is determined, compare it to what you used to get. If it’s cheaper and you like the cheese at least as well, I’d call that a win.

Jokergerm: Is that price for a diced cheese? The block just recently dipped below $2.11 for the 1st time since the 2nd week of June. How are you paying so little… are you located inside the food court of a cheese manufacturing plant? :wink:

Nevermind, apparently we are on a lag and the price changes from week-to-week… I would have sworn it was negotiated to be the previous way I wrote. Sounds like you are paying just about what we are paying.

We were paying $2.38 most of the last month. With block down into 1.70s I am expecting that our price will drop to about 2 bucks after Labor Day.