Diced Cheese Recommendation

A couple of years ago we did a large blind taste test of cheeses and ended up switching from Grande to Bacio, which was about a 1 per pound savings. Now, with the cheese market as it is, we are just over $4/lb for Diced Whole Milk Mozzarella. Going to be sampling some other options and am looking for recommendations

Great lakes part skim or whole milk

I liked bacio. I just hated PFG online ordering. But Bacio is up there right now too

The Sysco guy told me they have a in-house premium.

Wait… PFG has online ordering…?

check out Saputo Gold for a cost savings

Are you switching strictly because the price is up? If so the market is going to start to go back down in the near future. I don’t advise a switch on just price, unless the quality of the product is down as well

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I switched away from Sysco. It came in last in every taste test we did.

I use restaurant depots brand

who do you order Great lakes from?

All of my vendors carry it


TBH Ive had luck with every Wisconsin mozzarella cheese no vastly noticeable difference.

The only mozzarella cheese I absolutely HATED was Arezzio mozzarella from Sysco

I still use shredded grande I got 500 lbs today at $4.06 a pound. It’s slowly going down, it was $4.11 on my Friday truck.