Dicing Sausage

Hi Guys,
I have always used a pre-cooked sausage and am now switching to a raw sausage. I want the sausage cooked before it goes on the pie, So how I am doing it is I take 5lbs of raw sausage and spread it out on to a 1/2 sheet pan. I then run it through the conveyor a couple times. After it cools down I chop it up into 1/2"x 1/2" cubes. The problem is I think the sausage looks funny as a cube shape and the chopping is taking a really long time. I was thinking about getting a RobotCoupe and using that to get it smaller. Any other suggestions other then putting on the pizza raw?

We use a fully cooked, sliced italian sausage. The customers love it, it handles like pepperoni and it really sets us apart from the kibbles used by the bargain pizza joints.

Price isn’t everything!

I agree with bodegahwy, there is no better presentation than a sliced link sausage.

We use a DiRusso raw sausage product. We cook it about 1.5 times through the oven and then we have a meat grinder attachment we picked up at our local restaurant equip store used that mounts on our Hobart mixer. We run the sausage through that and then cook it another half time through the oven. We then spread it out on a sheet pan to cool in the walkin - we found it took too long to cool down in a cambro in the walkin.


We cut our fresh sausage into long links, so as to fit a sheet pan…

Run 'em thru the oven 2X’s…cool & freeze for an hour or so…

Back out to the Hobart pelican head slicer & now we have sliced sausage, almost like pepperoni

We may be somewhat unique in that we’re a full menu operation and have a 36" flat-top. We’ll toss 5# of raw on the flat top and simply brown it down, cutting it into chunks as we do (much like browning ground beef for chili). We’ll only par-cook it this way, spread it on a sheet and cool in the walk-in to be put in a 1/3 Cambro for the make line. I don’t let them cook it down all the way b/c I want some of that delicious sausage “juice” to be left to work it’s magic on my pizza.

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I know Im in the minority here, but why would you cook raw sausage? Placed on the pizza raw, it WILL cook in plenty of time AND release all that great porky juice and oil…and flavor the pizza, have better texture.

Simply oil your hands before grabbing the sausage…with a little practice, you can place the raw bits exactly where you want. A bit of additional practice gets the portioning down.

Better flavor AND you use LESS…and save a bit of time on labor.

I’m with gabagool, grease = flavor. Once you try to cut the grease out of your food, where do you stop? And more importantly, how does it taste?

That’s why we only “par”-cook. If we only made our hand-tossed or our Pub Crust ultra thin we’d be absolutely fine with using the sausage raw. We also do a very nice deep dish and found that when we used raw sausage I could not guarantee the sausage was cooking through under the sauce. It was all very dependent on what thickness of sausage “blob” the maker pinched off. Par-cooking it gives us the best of both worlds if you will. The assurance we’ve cooked the meats all the way through on all pies…and the deliciousness of the sausage “juice” on the pies as well.

We do the same exact thing for our sausage and call me crazy but I like the diced cubes. For those using raw sausage on the pizza, doesn’t that seriously hamper the flow of your make line? Having to either stop and wash your hands after touching the raw meat or stop and change your gloves? Just wondering logistically how this works out?

I don’t do this—but have you tried patting it out into your pan and then cutting (scoring it) with a roller pizza cutter before you bake it. Then when it comes out pull it apart by hand. (actually you may want to wait til it cools down). this may give you the size you want the sausage to be, but without the straight knife diced edges.

We wash our hands after every pizza, raw meat or not. So a wash sink at the end of the make line is sorta manditory.

As long as the pizza guy does ONLY PIZZAS, touching raw meat is not a big deal, EVERYTHING he touches goes in a 550 (at least) degree oven…no problem with raw meats.

BUT, this works as long as your pizza guy does pizzas only. (NO SALADS, ETC)

We hand pinch both Sausage and Hamburger. I have been at this for 8 years and my hands ache every morning. I need to find an easier way to apply fresh meats. All suggestions would be great