Dicing with a Robot Coupe

This maybe one of those dumb questions but this is driving me crazy.I use a Robot Coupe to dice my vegies. When I am finished my dicer blade is full of vegies. Even when I hit the blade hard against the bowl it is impossible to get them out expect with a straw or something like that. Do they have a “cleaner piece” to push the vegies out (which I can’t find on their website) or do you spray it with non-stick coating spray. Ant help would be great.

We use a small hard head washing brush ( hard bristle tooth brush would work fine) to get the most out and what is left we use bamboo kebab skewers.

Hope that helps.


That is what was recommended to us as well. We also use a thermometer to poke stuff out.

How do you like using the robot for dicing? We stopped using it as we got too much mush and waste from it.

We have 2 machines (not Robot but very similar) and we do capsicum and onions on the dice, mushrooms on the 3 blade slice and tomatoes on the 2 blade slice.

Make sure your blades are nice and sharp. We have recently replaced the dicing blades as a couple broke and they were not cutting very well. They are easy to replace and cost (in expensive Australia about $40).

The only time we find it mush for onions or caps is when the operator doesn’t put enough pressure down on the plunger, tomatoes only if they are over ripe and if they put too much pressure on the mushrooms.

To help with the “mush” we collect and store everything in stainless steel collanders and then rinse them under cold water (excpet mushrooms which are straight into plastic tubs). Capsicums need about 3 good rinses to get rid of the residue and the oil, 2 for onions and tomatoes. They are left to drain for about 5 minutes. We then place the collanders in shallow stainless dishes where any remaining liquid drips out , thus keeping the food sitting out of liquid. The collanders are covered with those cheap disposable shower caps that can be washed and renewed. Keeps everything nice and crisp.