Dicing your own cheese

We currently get our cheese diced from our supplier - 30lb cases (6-5lb bags).

With the price of cheese going up - I’m wondering if I could save some money dicing my own cheese. I have a 60qt Hobart mixer - can I do this with that mixer? Exactly what attachement will I need?

What are the pros and cons?

I’ve got an attachment on the front of mine. If you look at the Hobart’s hub on the top, in front, in the middle… that’s where it attaches. It doesn’t dice, but shreds instead. Here’s a link so you can see what I’m talking about.

http://www.restaurantequipment.net/new/ … GS-12.html



Exactly what are you feeding into that? The curve throws me off, looks like you’d need small chunks of cheese to feed into it.

I use about 700lbs of cheese a week. What sort of labor will be involved if I shred my own?

I dice over 1500 lbs per week with a Hobart VCM. It’s definatly the way to go for volume. Shreding on a mixer would take hours upon hours longer.

when I was @ CiCi’s, we shreded 100’s of #'s of cheese daily…stored in “buss tubs” w/a lid…they use a product from Leprino, that is then cut into a managable size…doesn’t really take a long amount of time

a VCM (vertical cutter mixer) will actually “dice” your cheese…

do the math & see if it is indeed more cost effective…perhaps add $10 to each 100 #'s off block to get a better “finished” price…