Did anyone purchase pizza stamper?

I was wondering if anyone purchased the pizza stampers that come with 6 different embossers that were listed under the PMQ site? I had ordered mine 11/17/09 and still haven’t received them. They sold for 19.95. I have tried to call and only get a voice mail. I tried to call their customer service number and it says that isn’t any number like that. Since I paid by paypal, (the only way of paying accepted) I will dispute the payment in a few days. I have left a message on the voice mail saying I would dispute if no one calls me back.
Thanks if anyone did order these.

Thanks to everyone that has looked at this post.
I just received an email stating the following:

We apologize for the delay in not receiving the Gourmet Impressions Stamper.
There has been an unexpected problem with the manufacturer and it is taking longer to resolve the issue than we imagined.
They also said they are going to refund my money to paypal.
I was just wondering if anyone else had the same problem, since I had found out about the stampers on the main page of PMQ. It does look like an interesting idea and I emailed the company back to let me know when they get a shipment of the stampers.

I tried doing a little search after reading your post…couldn’t find anything. Don’t know what you are talking about and from the sound of it we may never know. Glad you got your money back!


Kris and royster13,
Sorry, I thought the members on here had seen about the Gourmet Stampers that were listed on the main page when you went to look at posts around the time I bought the stampers to try on pizza. Maybe in the future I also wanted to try the stamper on some kind of flavored crackers or bread sticks. I just thought it was a unique idea that wasn’t to expensive to try. I would have posted the web address if anyone wanted to see it. If you go down on the main page of http://www.gourmetimpressions.com you will see it says it is endorsed by PMQ. Thank you royster13 for posting the address.
I didn’t mean to cause any confusion about the product.

If anyone is thinking about buying these pizza stampers…buyer beware… I thought the money would be refunded though Paypal last week when I received an email saying in 24 hours my money would be back on my Paypal account. The amount I was charged was 27.50. I checked my Paypal over the weekend and still no money was refunded. I went to Paypal resolution center and put in a dispute, because my money still wasn’t refunded. I did email Gourmet Expressions this week and this time they told me there was some kind of glitch with Paypal and that was why my money wasn’t refunded. They said that by next week I should have my money refunded. I know from dealing with Paypal, there aren’t that many problems with refunding money…if the seller wants to refund. I then escalated to dispute to a claim. Paypal reviewed my case and finally yesterday the money was refunded. This was the food stamper I had purchased 11/17/09.
I just wanted other members to be aware of the problems i had with this company, before they try to purchase this item. If anyone else purchased this item and finally got the item, let me know.

I take payments via PayPal and have had to make a couple refunds over the years…And I will tell you they seem to take an “eternity” from the time I hit refund until they hit the account at the other end…So some of the delay could be the way PayPal works…

Thanks for telling me about your experiences with Paypal. I just thought that being it was almost a month and I didn’t hear anything about my item I purchased, I needed to do something. I thought Gourmet Expressions should have at least contacted me that the item would be delayed. They charged Paypal the day I bought it. Then they keep telling me it was Paypals fault that I wasn’t getting refunded.


I’m glad this all worked out in the end.

I just want to clarify that PMQ does not “endorse” any products. We did put a link to the Gourmet Impressions site as a “website we like” because we thought it was a clever idea we wanted to share, but we weren’t endorsing them.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Liz Barrett, editor-in-chief
PMQ Pizza Magazine