Did you attend the Orlando Show?

We’d love to hear how the recent Orlando show in September went for you. Feel free to post comments about new things you learned, contacts you made, inventive products you can’t wait to try or anything else on your mind. It will help us prepare for our upcoming show in New York.

Liz Barrett

Hello Liz
I just wanted to say I very much enjoyed the Orlando show. I met and watched Tom L for many hours the two days I visited the show. It was quite a experience to say the least. There’s to much to post about all the new things I saw. But it was very interesting. There were alot of people competing for the best pizza that was very interesting also.
The biggest disappointment was. Where my new rest is going to be located which is in the panhandle of fl a small town with few rest. We just don’t have the suppliers we need. Almost every comp said sorry we don’t have dist there. As far as I know US foods and Sysco from Alabama deliver are area once a week. We do have a local food supplier. But they just don’t live upto my expectations.
I loved the show and plan to attend again next year for more great ideas.