Did you ever hire someone and just get a bad feeling about it?

And that bad feeling just keeps getting worse, and worse even though there are no obvious performance problems? But you know there is going to be a problem, a major problem!

So, maybe it was all just in my mind, they guy is working out okay
BUT! Then when you need them the most, they completely hose you with calling in to miss work, on a busy holiday weekend and you are shorthanded because of this person?

I just want to scream!
I wish a drank!!

Follow your gut!

Had another guy briefly this summer, Something just didn’t seem right, references came back fair, just had a bad feeling, so I did a criminal search and about fell out of my chair with seeing their multiple felony convictions, multiple sexual assaults (with great bodily harm) Bail jumping, battery, assaults, credit card fraud (s) etc etc etc.

Wow. Being in a small town, we’ve hired a few employees that were family friends because we knew we could trust them. Big mistake. I’ll never hire anyone again that would make it awkward to fire them. Most have worked out fine, but a couple have done very poorly and it has been an awkward situation to let them go or not. One I kept on too long to the detriment of my business for awhile. The other was the same, until recently when it got really bad. I can’t say any more about that one due to ongoing legal proceedings. Follow your instinct I guess. But being in a right to work state does have advantages.

I recall a seminar I went to about 10 or 12 years ago where the presenter, when discussing hiring, said never hire anybody that you would not have over to your house for dinner. I have tried to follow this advice but quite often you need a position filled quickly and relax the standards. The bad part is that on an interview they are on their best behavior, if you get a bad feeling at the interview but take a chance because you really need someone it never seems to work out well.

The person who aggravated me enough to start this post decided to stop in today to beg to get his job back, I handed him his check for the 3 hours of the pay period that he did decide to grace us with his presence. And what do I get? Some smart ass remark about not having any money and such a small check amount.
Um, buddy, if you wouldn’t have blown off 3 shifts between 10-12 hours each, maybe you’d have a larger check, right? He’d have been near 40 hours instead of the 4 hours on his time slip.

I asked why he decided to no-show, his excuse was because it was too cold outside! We are located in far northern Wisconsin, guess what brainiac, it gets cold here in winter!
I’m gonna give the guy another chance, but he is signing an agreement that tardiness and/or a no-show will absolutely not be tolerated and will be countered with immediate dismissal. His “training pay” rate just got extended another week too.
I know I’m probably making a mistake by giving this guy another shot,
I bet the prick no-shows again within 1 week!

Why would you waste your time training him? I have never had good results rehiring someone once they have done the no show trick even when they have “matured” a couple years.

I agree,
He screwed the whole crew, not just the employer. So I am going to let the decision be up to the crew, and make it clear that if he no-shows again, it means one of them gets called in to cover.
I already know what their answer will be, so…

SO, I gave this goober another chance, the crew was lukewarm on giving him this chance but we really need another guy on the pizza end of the line.
He shows up on time Friday, did a lot of standing around with crossed arms and basically getting in the way more than he helped. I was surprised that he picked up balling dough as quick as he did though, but building a pizzas was a 10 minute ordeal when he was handed a stretched crust ready to be topped. He ignored all the building instructions from the night before, and was one of these guys who’d stand behind you and not say anything. (Huge pet peeve of mine) or not acknowledge that he heard you say something calling out an order or trying to get timing right to coordinate with the other items on the ticket.

So, end of night, Paychecks get handed out, and he has the balls to complain about his check being small at 4.65 hours. He thought he worked more, I pulled up the time clock program, asked if he had his time print from the POS, and showed that they matched, then he complained about taxes and wants to be paid cash.
I kindly explain that we do everything to the law and we will not pay under the table because I need to account for every penny coming in and going out, and that he also blew off damn near 30 hours of pay by not showing up for the entire weekend.
So this morning, I went to place wagers with the crew on this guy pulling another no-show, or calling in saying he’s not going to work. Nobody would take my bet. So, 20 minutes before his shift starts, we get a call that he is not coming in because he is not seeing the money he’d hoped to see. This time I was not so kind explaining that if you do not show up for work, you do not earn money. Its probably a good thing,
OMFG! Where do these goobers come from?
Why do we need to go through dozens of potential employees just to find one with a decent work ethic? What the heck happened?

Well, thats my rant of the day, thanks for listening. NEXT!!

I had a discussion with a customer tonight. Her son was proud to show me the medal he got at his soccer tournament. I asked about the score and winning. She said the league doesn’t keep score and everyone is a winner as she rolled her eyes. In today’s politically correct society kids are learning that they are entitled to what everyone else has without having to put any effort into getting it. Children are no longer taught they have to earn what they get.

GR, while you saw this coming a mile away I think the rest of us here that were backed up from the billboard saw it 10 miles away…Keep trying! You’ll find a keeper someday.

BOOM! There it is!!

I knew the guy was a putz, and expected this exact scenario to play out, but we sure could’ve used an extra body on the line last night, even if he was just the fryer-goober. Oh well, NEXT!

The sad part is that we used to look for superstars that could out perform us. Now we just try to find folks that will show up and at least make an effort to make the food right and not take all night to throw together a garden salad.

Putz? Fryer-goober? :stuck_out_tongue: You crack me up, @GotRocks.

Well, this guy really tweaked my beak, so he’s earned a few derogatory names.
He tried running a dishonest money making scam during his short time here too. Did I use the word Shyster yet? If not, I should!
Apparently, some employers hold cash tips earned, and disburse those in payroll checks as opposed to the tipped employees taking their cash home with them nightly. We do not do that, they take their cash home, and CC tips get added into their paychecks.

When our people clock out, a window pops up on the POS screen for entering their cash tip amounts for proper tax reporting.
Apparently this guy thought he would have these reported tip amounts added onto his paycheck if he entered some dollar amount there.
When I first saw it, I figured he tried to re-enter his PIN number, but I looked up his PIN number and it was nowhere close to the amount entered in the tip reporting screen. So instead of him getting the $60 or more dollars that he entered in the tip screen showing up on his check, he had more taxes deducted from his hourly amounts instead. He entered amounts near $70.00 each shift he worked.

When I connected the dots, and realized what he was trying to do, I let the accountants deduct taxes on those dollar amounts, just because.
Then I called the other local place that employed him, and gave them a warning about this attempted scam. They found that he was falsifying his time card by writing his work start times early and late as an attempt to pad his hours, to milk more hours out of them than he actually worked!
It also looks like he tried to pull a scam on the Kansas state powerball lottery a few years back too, I do not have all the details on that due to the limited access to criminal court proceedings in that state, I did find a newspaper article with his name plastered all over it saying that he did not win the powerball, and listed the rightful lottery winners instead.
This has got me really intrigued now…
How would one possibly scam a multi-state lottery out of hundreds of millions?? Is he too stupid to realize that there is some heavy duty fraud protection in place so it cannot happen?

WOW you know how to pick 'em!