Differant software for pos

I am in the process of changing out my POS system and wanted to pic some brains out there. I currently have an old dos system by National Systems. I actually Like this system since it hardly ever goes down. Just three times in almost 6 years of business. However I would never do an upgrade with them because of the lack of service on taking care of the customer. But we won’t get into that right now.

I have read and researched a boat load of companies which most of you have some type of input. However there are a few companies that you haven’t mentioned. Such as( ADELO, FUTURE POS AND POS-X) I have a demo of Aldelo and I really like this product. It seems simple to use and the pics instead of words are pretty nice. I have also spoke to the support center and seemed somwhat impressed. Now with that being said I am not a paying customer at this point so I expect them to be nice, professional and outgoing. Who has Adelo and what can you tell me about this software and support?

I am getting a Demo on Future Pos on Wednesday 8/9/06 and I am looking forward to investigateing this company. I read somewhere that Brinker Intl (on the boarder chili’s ect…) has recently made the move to switch over to these guys Because this system is suppose to be very easy to use. So easy that most people don’t even need much instruction on how to use it. But I am not so sure. I will have to wait and see.

I don’t know anything about POS-X. So any input would be nice.

So alittle bit of help out there would be nice. Please keep coments related to these three companies since I pretty much have all the info I could care about with the other companies such as Microworks, PDQ, Diamond Touch etc…ONE thing they all have in common is that they are all at least $10,000.00 more then Future Pos and Adelo.

Have you looked at www.amigopos.com

This is a system that we have started playing with. The order interface is friendly and the database is open, so we can pull any information out of it that we want with a little bit of work.