Difference between MM JS350 and the PS360

What is the difference between MM JS350 and the PS360 double deck conveyors?

I was told that they are both the same except that the PS360s are the newer design and are just easier to clean, otherwise they are the exact same with the parts, bake times, energy efficiency… is that all that’s different?

Thanks all for the help!

The PS 360 was a substantial improvement over the 350.

Buy the 360.

George Mills

energy efficiency? Also, I have a quote from a guy for 7500 for the double stack 360 s with delivery and install and 30 day warranty. But there from 1990. Is that still a great deal?

Do you have any pictures?

What temp controller is installed in them?

I have bought a handful of these ovens over the years and never paid close to that amount

This spring I picked up a double stack of PS360WB ovens for 2000 dollars

The guy is getting me pictures today… said the controller is the newer digital style…

Jokerherm, where are you finding them? I look on eBay all the time and the prices are scattered from $5k for a double stack, to $12k for a single unit.

I figured it would be a digital one, but which digital one? Is it a OEM Honeywell or one of those $100 PESI Chinese things that last about 6 months?

heres the pics… are these the newer style OEM controllers?

Those look like the Honeywell controllers - they are definitely not the $100 Chinese ones.

Mainly on craigslist

Ebay is over priced. It’s like paying retail now. Very hard to get a killer deal nowadays