different materials for pizza tins

hi could someone explain to me or point me to a site that explains what the differences between differant pans is.
what pans can you buy that dont nead seasoning
im looking for deep pan


They are certainly not cheap but the PSTK pans will need little to no seasoning.

Seasoning is applied to the spun/bright aluminum pans to improve their baking properties (darker color improves heat absorption) as well as improving the non-stick properties of the pan. The problem with seasoned pans is that ther seasoning isn’t very durable so it can be easilky damaged by cutting in/on the pan or just by soaking it in hot water. Anodized pans have a black or dark gray color chemically bonded to the pan for much greater durability. Therer are differences in anodizing and some are better than others, you get what you pay for. Additionally, there are some types of anodizing that actually hold oil and exhibit excellent release properties as compared to raw, spun aluminum pans or other types of anodized pans. The best of the anodized pans have a very hard anodized finish that will remain on the pan for the life of it, and at the same time, it will exhibit excellent non-stick properties which can be a blessing in applications where you might get cheese and toppings spilling onto the pan/disk, such as with a slice operation.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor