Different Sizes

I am in the process of opening a delco and trying to decide what sizes to sell,was wondering what the most popular sizes are,how man different ones should I consider and what you guys offer?

We do 10", 12", 14", 16"

We do 12" 14" and 16".

If you do these sizes, don’t do what I did and call them Small, Medium and Large. If you are competing with chains they call them Medium, Large and Extra Large. I wish that is what I had done.

Customers think that I am alot higher in price when the look at our large (16") compared to what they call a large (14").

Why not change them? I forget what the statistic is, maybe something like 33% of customers change every three months or something, but this seems to be a barrier to entry for new customers. I know you don’t want to turn off existing people who are used to you but eventually most of your current customers will change over anyways . . . statistically speaking . . .

I’ve done exactly that about a week ago - it’s not a big deal if you train your staff up for it ahead of time. I also am being very up front about the reason why with my regulars and they seem very understanding about it. I’ve put the change on a boxtopper with th reasons for it to help educate my customers, basically saying that the chains spend millions a year telling people that a 14" is a large pie, & my piddling few thou a year is not going to change anyone’s perceptions.