Digital Menu Boards

I have a 4 panel 4 color menu board made by the Grande cheese hanging over my 8’ counter and it is very nice, had it for a year now and I’m thinking about a digital menu with 3 or 4 large screen televisions for easier updates. My question is, is there a ROI profitable difference between the two different menu styles. Does anyone have a digital menu board and how is it working for you and the cost? Thank you.

Tony I do not have any stats but I know the local McDonald manager says when their new displays were installed it increased sales…They have 4 monitors which can sometimes have individual panels or for feature items a composite stretching across all 4 monitors…

Bump…anybody use these? Can they tie in to other platforms?

I’ve considered doing those, but I went retro instead with a 4’ x 8’ blackboard and pastel colored chalk.
The reasons is less technical crap to go wrong or fail when needed most. Also If I have a price change, it can be done instantly by anyone.
Now, I do have 2 60’ HDTV’s running slide shows of many of our signature products, So I agree that pictures help sell, I just don;t want to be stuck without a menu if a video feed takes a dump on me