Dine In Music

For those of you with Dine In. What music service do you use. We used to use XM for business through Direct Tv. However they switched to Sonictap which is awful. Any suggestion?

I’ve used Muzak satellite for about ten months and love it. Fifty bucks per month and we have a huge assortment of channels that come in handy depending on the mood we want.

Sirius has a business music plan. I think it is 30 bucks a month (dont hold me to that). Having used Muzak for close to 3 years, Can’t say that I would recommend it. It was nice at first because it was commercial free, but after awhile, everyone started hating it because the playlists didnt seem to change much. We also frequently lost our music due to thunderstorms passing through, something i’ve never noticed with the sirius in my truck. If I were to choose between Muzak and Sirius, I would go with Sirius in a heartbeat, and so would every person I worked with at that place.


OK, I forgot to mention that as a con with my Muzak. Heavy rain and snow tend to take down my signal more than I would like. My DirecTv hangs in there but Muzak goes down. When it goes, it seems to switch over to some kind of horrendous elevator music. Is that music stored on the receiver for when the signal is lost?

We were using DirecTv as well but it was blah. So because I’ve already got my misic liences from BMI, I just download songs off the internet and balance them all out, and let the PC play music all day long.

I also plan on putting in my own commercials but havent gotten that far yet. :mrgreen:

Mine never did that, it just went silent. Maybe their newer receiver has some backup stuff stored that just loops.

You have a solid music scene there in the Little Apple, do you have any employees who are in a local band or go to local shows? The quality of unsigned bands that come through is amazing, it wouldn’t be to hard to gather a play list of a couple hundred songs from indie artists that is 10x better than what’s being played on the radio. Surely one of your employees would jump at the chance to put something together, on their own time, with some guidelines by you.

You’ll most likely want a release signed from the artists, but I imagine they would be glad to have their music played in public in exchange for a system where your employees could quickly check when your customers ask “what band is that?”. Plus, it gives you a ton of street cred with the college kids…let me know if you need some bands to start with, I have a hardrive full of good stuff from my days owning a rock club.

The downtown store is pretty much all families. Plus the sound system is an old muzak system. Nothing impressive. It really is just background music. That is the problem with the sonic system with direct tv. None of the stations have any consistency. The classic rock station plays anything from supertramp to AC/DC. Nothing like a kids birthday party with a little AC/DC on. The bar area store is just late night, we have a large system in there and just play rap as that is what they all request.

recommend Muzak as well

We played around with using internet radio stations for a little while. When we had our son’s third birthday party a few months ago in the store, the station we were playing started the party with Marvin Gay’s “Let’s Get It On” and Tom Petty’s “Last Dance With Mary Jane”. Awkward…ended that experiment.