Dine-in or delco?

I know this will get many different responces but I was wondering in everyone’s opinion which is more profitable in the end run to operate:a dine-in/carryout operation or a delco? A have a option of two places and want to make the right choice.

why not all 3?

i prefer a delco instead of fullserv del c/o less people more production less overhead

I like a combination of all three, but mostly focusing on the delco side. In a way it makes it a little more enjoyable too having a few people dine in throughout the day. I wouldn’t bother with full service and waiters though.

Well from the amount of space it is possible to add about 10 tables in there. But wouldn’t that mean I would also have to add 2 more bathrooms for customer use?

I think that is up to your local code. Where I’m at I can go to 102 seats without adding a gender specific bathroom.

In my state (CA), the bathroom counts are based on the number of employees working; not customers or seating. Seems kind of strange, but that’s how it is.