dinerware pos system

Hi, new to the board, but have been reading for months. What a great place for info. Still in the preliminary stages, but I did finally find a place. 1500sq. ft. Papa John’s that went out of business I guess due to poor management. I was wondering if anyone has/had used Dinerware pos system. Did some research, and I can purchase a used one for around 4k. Will be offering pizza, subs, pasta dinnners, wings and plan to just have dine in and take out to start with about 5 employees. Thanks, CJ

I’m familiar w/their other s/w system…stay away IMHO…look for a system YOU control, not the author…you s/b able to program all the items yourself and be able to understand how to “tweak” it to your satisfaction w/o continual calls/$$$ to tech support 2 resolve/set-up

Thanks for the tips. I was on their website and went through the demo…Seemed pretty self explanatory, but then again in a rush, I guess we’ll see

guess…you better hope it was due to poor management but let me tell you if a PJ’s is slipping they WILL bring in new managers. Might want to ask some more questions

I actually spoke with the owner. The first statement out of his mouth was, “Employees S**k”. He told me he trusted the employees he hired, but found out later they were robbing him blind. I also called the corporate office for pj’s. They stated he was shut down due to not following operational standards. My concept is alot different than the pj’s. I wouldn’t pay their fees even if someone gave the money.