Dining Room Dilemma!!

We now have a dining room that the previous owners didn’t use at all. It was there, but it looked very sterile, not too warm or desireable to sit in.

I have some ideas such as we added drapes and some hanging plants and a few pictures to soften it up. Still working on the pictures, need more and have alot of wall space. I’m thinking of adding a couple tv’s for sports or other events like finale shows. Then have dine in bundles, not necessarily a discount.

Here’s my question, what are some unique ideas to draw people into that part of the restaurant without spending a ton of money?

One thing that I do that seems to draw a lot of attention on is we had our logo painted on a blank white wall. And then we have our cashiers take pictures of families. We ask them, “Would you like to be added to our wall of fame?” Almost everyone agrees. I get the digital pictures printed about once every two weeks and then glue them to the wall around my logo. People love coming in and seeing themselves and/or friends on the wall. I had a family come in yesterday after eating with me last week. The kids went straight for the wall to see if their picture was on it yet. It was not, so I went to my office and printed it while they were still in the restaurant. Needless to say, the whole family got a kick out of it.

The cost is minimal and my customers seem to really enjoy our “Wall of Fame”.

great idea! Ihave my logo painted on the wall too. I am in kind of the same scenario I moved in to this bulding very quickly about a year ago, we just threw some paint on the walls and one of my employees painted the logo, problem is I notice at night harldy any families dine in. It looks kinda medicinal, light grey walls and really bright lights. I went through the other night and took 2 bulbs out of all fixtures(flourescent) Its funny now people are saying oh- you got new signs- I didnt. I was also thinking of painting the walls darker and getting a couple of long runners, adding tablecloths and making it look less like a cafeteria. Any more ideas like the pictures I would love. Oh- I also got all the team pictures from local schools and hung them up. I plan on having all the pictures of local, school, church, and such and just keep going.