Dinner Baby!

Ok I know I am off the pizza base a bit with this one but here it goes. I just spent 3 days up in Rochester, MN., and need to share my dinner experiences. I have been taking trips up there for 14 years now for medical reasons up at Mayo Clinics and I make sure to eat at two of my favorite restaurants of all times. The first is Victoria’s Italian. Been around for decades and eating at a place where pretty much everything is homemade is so unique these days. Their minestrone soup made with large hand cut pieces of veggies and small noodles is a meal by itself. I have yet to have a bad meal there and all of their pasta dishes with their sweet tomato sauce is great. It is a very tangy creation and throw in a couple of veal and beef meatballs that melt in your mouth. Finish off with a raspberry custard desert and oh so yummy.

The second is Michael’s Restaurant. It is an old school setting that has looked the same since they opened 60+ years ago. Free valet out front and servers that make a career out of it all. They really take care of their customers like a fine restaurant…I mean all restaurants should. The hallway walls are lined with pictures of the many of famous people…from presidents to celebs…etc… that have dined there. Now too the real reason I come back every trip. A 24 oz bone-in ribeye that is aged onsite for a minimum of 2 months before cut. They cook this steak to a true pink medium all the way through. A great thing to accomplish on a 2 1/2" thick steak. Slightly charred on the outside but not burnt in the least. All the marbling falls apart and melts away as it is served on a sizzling hot plate. Having eaten at some of the countries best offerings of steak houses…from Gibsons in Chicago to Delmonico in Vegas… and don’t get me wrong…they are some of the best… but they don’t come close to this Rochester establishment. The kicker to this all. Under $25 for this monster. About a third of what the other places charge for a similar cut. Win-Win!!!

I know…a bit off topic…but for anyone going through the area… for a break from pizza… either one of these will not be a disappointment for you. I hope someone will get the chance to enjoy them as I have. :smiley:

Mike, you are just showing off :stuck_out_tongue: making us all want to go there and knowing we are too far away. :mrgreen:

Oh daddio… we all know you are on the Homeland Security DO NOT ENTER list! I will start a campaign to get you back in the lower 48. It might take a couple days to come up with a good slogan too use. I think I will have to drive back up and have another ribeye to think it all over. Damn I am getting hungry now. :frowning:

Wow listening to your description about the two restaurants and especially about the steak got my mouth filled with water. I can’t stop think about steak now. I have to go to Michael’s Restaurant. Damn I can’t stop imagining steak.