Dinning room / waiting area design

Not Kitchen design- Has anyone used and interior designer? I struggle with making decisions with colors / textures and I’m looking for some help? any suggestions? I’ve googled pizza dinning room images and still struggle I’d prefer to just pay and be done with it.

We did when we opened a dining room in a new construction. They helped us choose paint colors, wood grains, carpet patterns, tile designs, counter tops and light fixtures. They also measured all the equipment and made sure the plumbing, electricity and networking cables were all in place. Then they went a secured bids for the work.

2018 Avers Interior - Party of 12-M.jpg
2018 Avers Interior - Party Room-M.jpg
2018 Avers Pizza - 2_-10-XL.jpg

Well worth the cost. We would have never come up with something that looked as nice or modern ourselves.

We’re actually paying them to integrate some of the same design elements into our Delco remodel and then bid it out.

That looks good. I am in the process of designing or putting it all together for my first brick n mortar. I am struggling on the paint scheme too. My main color is Kawasaki green and black…but also red, white for the Italian flag.
Trying to do it on a shoestring budget.

Brad, that looks great. What was the cost of design if you dont mind? How much for construction as well?
Just looking for a ballpark. Thanks

Hello! We are actually doing a story on interior design in restaurants right now. I met with a designer in New York and I highly suggest hiring an interior designer. You could always go to the closest University… students are always looking for design work to add to their portfolio.

One tip from the designer: Make sure to incorporate enough space for your guests for jackets, purses, etc. to keep the flow going so that employees do not bump into anything. Also, feeel free to mix different decades.