Direct mail -VS- Newspaper Insert

Does anyone have a preferance of one over the other? I am talking about the local Small town shoper newspaper type that goes to everyhome. I can drop menus in these for a rate of $50/1000 as aposed to bulk mail pricing. any thoughts?

I think that the return on investment is about right, at .05 per thousand your in good shape but your response rate will be close to a third, which is relative to the cost…because its at LEAST .15 plus the print for direct mail

I am also in a small town, and found the paper insert to be an effective, cheap way to go.

I chose the paper that had the local grocery store ad in it, many people will not read that paper, but most households will pull the grocery store ad out, and your insert will come with it.

The one here, anyways, has different zones. We did one zone every week for 5 weeks.

The one problem we had was that people didn’t get the inserts (this was for something different & the other paper) Breaking up the zones I was able to contact friends in that zone to make sure that the paper was doing their job.

I can’t believe many people read newspapers that much, let alone sift through all the litter inside. However I would say it is worth trying anything to get the word out about your product that you haven’t tried before and see what happens. Always though, track your response rate and keep records, use a unique combo voucher or online code.

How often does the paper go out? If it is more than weekly try for a day that does not have as many inserts…And as always, it is important to track results so you can compare to other mediums…